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My drive to Launceston yesterday (200km each way) was a total waste of time. I thought I was going up to defend myself in a court hearing regarding a speeding ticket I received back in March. Turned out it was just a preliminary thing where I enter a plea. A 2 hour drive up for a two minute hearing and then a two hour drive back.

The proper hearing will be in December. I wish they’d explain this process better when the serve the summons. I guess that’s what lawyers are for.


Correspondence out:

* I’ve emailed Pete DeLorenzo, the Auto Extremist, to invite his views on the whole Cadillac push into Europe. I don’t know he’ll take up the subject, but it’ll sure be interesting reading if he does.

* I’ve emailed Saab Australia to see if the new GM powertrain warranty will be introduced here as well. Still awaiting a reply. Perhaps some of you might like to contact Saab in your country and see what’s happening there. I know that Ivan has contacted Saab in Hungary and the warranty isn’t being extended there, so this may possibly be a US only thing. I would have thought that what’s good for one market would be good for all.

* I’ve also emailed GM in Korea as there’s another Saab Design Contest going on there (hat tip to Ryan for picking up on it). Just interested to see the purpose behind it. It’s not a vehicle design thing, more of a marketing design competition. I covered the results of last year’s contest here. I’m stil waiting to hear from them too.


One of our local guys has just had a Stage 3 Maptun upgrade done on his 2005 9-5 Aero Wagon. He emailed me last night to tell me he was still recovering from the first drive 🙂 He reckons the $3,000 upgrade is worth every cent.

I’m going to check it out on the weekend. Photos will be forthcoming as it’s a stunner of a car anyway. Perhaps even some video if I can find a DV camera.


Thanks to Robin in the UK, here’s a short documentary entitled “60 years of Saab”. I’m guessing it’s actually a 1997 production, but good viewing nonetheless.

You can view the video here at WheelsTV

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  1. Swade,

    Thanks for the tipping of the hat! I want to know everything I can about that Saab design program in Korea.

    I really wonder if this program will be moving around the world each year.

  2. Isn’t the rest of the world worthy of the 6 year warrantee?

    It’s almost getting to the point where you feel as though you’re not willing to support GM/Saab any longer as they don’t seem to be taking anyone but their US customers seriously.

    The new 3 series BMW Coupe is looking better every day.

  3. The new powertrain warranty is for US and Canada only. I think the GM press release said that (at least, that what was the Swedish press reported). It was to match the warranties that Toyota have there.

  4. Just a little addition: I have asked not only the Hungarian Saab but also the GM South-East Europe Headquarter and they told me that there will be no warranty extensions for any GM cars in our region.

  5. Guys: This isn’t simply a consumer issue. Remember when the 9-7x was released? What did I say? I said (paraphasing),”One of the good things about the 9-7x is that it keeps US dealers interested in selling Saabs.”

    The same can be said about the 5-year warranty — the primary beneficiary is the dealer network since they will be paid for performing the additional warranty work, and it’s easier to sell the cars with that competitive edge.

    Gents, this is less about the value of the average US consumer and more about the value of the average US dealer.

    My two cents.

  6. In support of eggs’ comments, GM makes its money when the dealer takes possession of the car. GM’s game is all about keeping the dealer happy.

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