Get your 9-2x – cheap!

Autoblog are reporting on a new phenomenon where people are getting injured walking past Saab dealerships in the US as dealers literally throw 9-2x’s at them!!

OK, I’m lying.

The post actually lists the top 10 clearance prices on outgoing 2006 models and the 9-2x, which is not going to be replaced, received spot #3 on the list with a whopping 21.75% reduction on it’s sticker price ($5,000).

I’m on record here as being a non-fan of the 9-2x. It’s a great car in the same way than the Impreza’s a great car, it’s just poorly executed as a Saab. Those with a nose for a bargain and a penchant for exclusivity will most likely snap these up in a jiffy.


I shouldn’t laugh, but couldn’t help it. Comment #5 on the Autoblog post:

I bought one last summer, and had it only 8 months. Fortunately I didn’t take a bath on the trade-in. Full disclosure, I had the non-turbo Linear, not the turbo Aero version. If you really badly want a WRX, it might be a buy. It’s not as ugly as a WRX, but [commenter] #4 is right, the Saab dealers don’t know what they’re doing, and you’re the ugly step-child of the brand, they’re not going to go out of their way to treat you right. Other Saab drivers will give you dirty looks on the road. Someone once put a note on my windshield “Get a real Saab”.

I’d welcome any 9-2x owner to a Saab Car Club of Australia event, but……..well……’s still a little funny.

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  1. There’s a few 9-2x that have a $6000 discount. I was tempted to buy one, but I think I’ll wait a few more years before I purchase a new car. My current car is running fine – ’98 900SETC w/ 120k miles.

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