GM Fiscal Policy – involves matches

I wish GM would cancel this latest plan and just give me 1% of the funds they’re going to spend on it. Trust me, they’ll lose less money that way. They may as well just pile up the dead presidents now and torch the lot.

With that 1% I’ll pay off our house, do up my Viggen, buy a 99T, take the family on a holiday and perhaps have a little left over to provide capital funds for some equipment to make this website the killer I’d like it to be. Hell, I’ll probably sell the house and the car, move the family to Canada and do the site from there.

The GM plan?

GM are launching phase two of their Cadillac thrust into Europe.

I tell you – I will give birth to a child from my own body before Cadillac see the sort of success that they’re hoping for in Europe.

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  1. You’re not going to believe it, but I actually had that line in the text at first and erased it as I thought it might be too sarcastic. I even had the multiple ooooooo’s


  2. DETROIT — When the Cadillac Escalade goes on sale in Europe at the end of 2006, it will signal the “second phase” of Cadillac’s product offensive in Europe, the automaker said on Wednesday.

    Oh dear. The suits in GM in USA really don’t geddit, do they? What makes them think that Europe wants a Cadillac Esplanade? To transpose the words ‘product offensive’ is tempting if obvious.

    Europe is a crowded place with many nation states, twisty roads, some sense of care for the environment and little desire for an ‘American Premium Marque’ (surely a contradiction?) to be thrust upon them. Afterall, we have the likes of BMW, Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo etc. Europeans make cars with soul.

    Sure, a couple of premiership primadonnas will buy the Cadillac Escargot, because it makes a change from the Chrysler 300C. Lots of chrome may appeal to the new money, but not everyone in Europe possesses the extreme lack of taste that compels them to cover their ride in large swathes of pimp-appeal chrome.

    The Cadillac Escalator is a car that is so large I doubt that you could manage to do a three point turn within the national borders of Luxembourg!

    Hey GM, do you really think that your gangsta bling is going to raise Cadillac sales in Europe? Get with the programme. Sorry, ‘program’. Arrrrrghhhhhhhhh.

  3. Why those dumbs try to push the Caddy, especially STS-V? 4,4-liter V8 and 476 HP… it’s not for the europeans taste. They just spend money to make an inhouse competitor for Saab?
    I’ve found in the linked text: “which means the 4.4-liter Northstar SC makes more than 100 horsepower per liter. ”
    Ha-ha, what a big thing!
    And what about 9-5 Aero with 2.3 liter and 260 HP?

  4. It looks to be the right vehicle for Europe, as we have no focus on fuel consumption here what so ever. Another well timed launch from GM seeing the need from the customers side as no other company dose

  5. Saab and Caddy are not and should not be competitors.

    My only, minor objection is that GM seems to have money for things like this but not for Saab product development.

  6. Actually, a Caddy BLS is a reskinned Saab 9-3… it’s in the same class, has similar parameters, only the design and the brand image is very different. Anyway, it positioned as a competitor of 9-3.

  7. Two opposing thoughts:

    1. Swade, I disagree with the certainty of your Caddy prognostications, but I agree with your view: Cadillac has a tough road ahead in Europe.

    2. Cadillacs are quite good these days — especially the STS and XLR. I expect a few surprises.

  8. We’ll agree to disagree on that one Eggs. I’m no European, but my impression of that market is that land yachts with huge V8s in high-priced-fuel-climates are about as sensible as trying to milk a cat.

    They’ll sell some, but at the end of the day I have extreme doubts as to whether they’ll be able to justify their investment.

    At a guess, I’d say the UK and Germany would be their primary markets. Sure, you may get some footballers in the UK, but it’ll be a novelty for most prospective purchasers and it’ll wear off.

    Germany? Is it possible for an entire nation to laugh at one time?

    I think this’ll be a fizzer of monumental proportions, but that’s just me.

  9. Oh, does GM of Sweden have any clue what this site tells us at all?!?
    I was surfing GM of Sweden site….Look at the picture they want us to se when talking of innovation, when telling us of there new cars and the new style. Caddy will have no chance of getting rid of the heritage of the 50: s.

    And to be able to sell these new cars…They really need us to forget about those cars

  10. How many Saab engineers are they going to take away from designing new Saab models to European-ize Caddy platforms? Might as well take the running list of new Saab models and yet again add another 1-2 years for each model.

  11. I agree as well that it is a very foolish financial move, the money needs to be spent on Saab and not Cadillac. You already have a worldwide brand, Saab. Cadillac can get there too, they do make great cars right now (the CTS and XLR) but its going to take a very immense amount of time for any success in europe.

    You guys keep saying you don’t want/need the STS-V, but you have your gas guzzling sedans as well.. M5 or RS6 anyone? You contradict yourself.

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