Officially speaking, GM are in talks with Renault-Nissan and are due to report on the outcome of their deliberations in just under a month’s time.

Unofficially, Automotive News (accessed via Autoblog) are reporting that GM and Ford are playing footsie under the table.

Not sure if there’s anything in this, but now you know.


UPDATE: Put that fire out, man!! This lobbed into my inbox this morning from Saab in the US (yeah, I know). I’m presuming it’s from the WSJ as linked at Jalopnik, but am yet to trace it.

DETROIT – General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. briefly discussed the concept of an alliance between the two automakers but have dropped the idea and plan no further talks, two people familiar with the matter said.

GM and Ford are both trying to turn around their auto operations after massive losses in North America. Their chief financial officers, Frederick “Fritz” Henderson of GM and Don Leclair of Ford, met recently and discussed the idea of working together, these people said. The talks were reported by Automotive News, an industry trade publication.

GM declined to confirm or deny the discussions with Ford. “As we have often said, GM officials routinely discuss issues of mutual interest with other automakers. As a policy, we do not confirm or comment publicly on those private discussions, which in many cases never lead anywhere,” said Steven Harris, GM’s vice president for global communications.

But individuals familiar with the situation at each company say leaders at GM and Ford are committed for now to pursuing their separate restructuring plans.

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  1. …and they’re figuring this would IMPROVE their situation? I don’t get it.

    Both these companies are pretty much in the same boat. Wouldn’t this just DOUBLE their problems, not cancel them out?

    Could you imagine a global company with Volvo AND SAAB, Chevy AND Ford, Lincoln AND Cadillac? Their divisions would be cannibalizing each-other. The other car companies DREAM about this sort of thing!

  2. Big corporations (especially those in trouble) have talks of possible collaborations all the time, I don’t think we will see anything out of this one.

  3. What do you guys think will happen to Saab, if GM accepts Nissan-Renault’s proposal? Do you guys think Nissan would be interested in reviving Saab with their RWD platforms, their AWD technologies and their quality control?

    On a side note, reported the new Opel Vectra based on the new Epsilson 2 platform, which apparently is very wide and is AWD compatible. Maybe this blog should cover it, since it concerns the next 9-3?

  4. Why dosent GM just enter into talks with Opel?…a check of their website shows a few models and engines that would work…here, there,everywhere, and may be Saabized. Sure beats the five different brands of vanilla over here now.

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