Happening in Threes: Peter Brock RIP

Completely non-Saab related, but it is amazing how prominent deaths seem to happen in threes.

First there was Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. Then there was author Colin Thiele (Aussie kids would have read is Australian classic Storm Boy).

Even sadder for me though, is the news in the last half hour that Australian motor racing legend-to-end-all-legends Peter Brock has died in a rally accident in Western Australia.

Brock was the face of Aussie racing in the 1970’s and 1980’s, winning the Bathurst 1000 race nine times in various Holdens. The grieving may not be as widespread for Brocky as it was for Irwin, but I can guarantee you it’ll be more intense in certain circles. Mount Panorama will be like a shrine in a month’s time.

Brock on Wiki

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  1. R.I.P to an aussie legend,but lets not mention the polariser??
    Already his stuff is going off
    on e-bay not good,but check out 250027201752

  2. I make it four. Those in places other than Australia will probably not know the name, but who in this country is unfamiliar with the late political icon Don Chipp? He went out more quietly than the Croc Hunter or Brockie though. At 81 Parkinsons Disease finally got him.

  3. Very sad to hear. A deadset legend in his own lifetime. A racers racer.

    There was a very good couple of writeups in todays SMH, even touching on the Energy Polariser. Apparently he believed in it to the end.

    Ironic but not surprising that it was an accident in basically a kit car on a country road. A recipe for disaster, even for a master driver.

    RIP 05.

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