He & She on the 2006 Aero Convertible

The Convertible’s currently got one of the longest names in Automotive history if you say it in full. It’s the 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible. Although in the US, all the Anniversary editions are Aeros so I guess you could drop that from the name. It’s still 47 characters long not counting spaces, even with the ‘Aero’ taken out…..and I haven’t included the year or the 2.8 V6 tag either.

All of that has nothing to do with this road test, it’s just something I noticed as I was writing the headline for this piece.

Anyway, the Detroit News’ Paul and Anita Lienert (disclosure: I’ve bagged them here previously) have done their He says / She says routine on the 47-letter Saab……. and they love it.


Anita’s rating: 5

Likes: Gorgeous electric blue metallic exterior. Color scheme extends into cabin, with blue trim on doors and seats. Clean exterior styling, with top down — no “baby buggy” handle. Power top takes only 19 seconds to deploy. Pretty good standard safety features, with seat belts built into front seats. Easy to drive, easy to park.

Dislikes: Visibility problems with the top up. Limited storage space in cabin. No side-curtain protection for rear-seat occupants.

Paul’s rating: 5

Likes: One of my favorite all-seasons convertibles. Terrific turbo V-6 with lots more muscle than BMW 330Ci. Smooth six-speed automatic with manual shift capability. Saab still makes the best “joystick” controls for vents. Decent highway mileage.

Dislikes: Front seats feel just a bit snug. Rear seat is cramped, with few amenities.

Swade’s comment: Paul probably needs to lay off the twinkies and amenities in the rear seat? Who drives from the rear?!

This review also comes complete with a comment facility, which has several readers seeing eye-to-eye with them about the Saab 47-L.

Outstanding auto, just in the middle of looking at this time to purchase either the BMW 330 and the new Volvo. Very true about the engine power, the BMW seemed “slow” in comparison to the SAAB. THe SAAB also has a much larger backseat that can easily fit 2 6’00 friends…

aaron johannsen, Brighton, MI

A good read.


And while I’m thinking of it…….

All of the press material on the 47-L mentioned that it was a limited edition of 400 vehicles.

Therefore, enquiring minds want to know – how come Jay Spenchian is driving #404?

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  1. Just got back from fitting a new “brain” to Craig’s 95 wagon.
    Steve m8, get ready for some fun when you have a go.
    tech 2 reading 440NM and 250kw and that was only 85% of its torque.
    What a car !!!

  2. It’s really too bad that article that goes on and on about the gorgeous blue color on the 20th anniversary car displays a picture of a silver SAAB . . .

  3. Spenchian likely got it through IDS.

    In the US, you could order the ’06 Anniversary Edition Convertible through IDS-which is separate from the 400 cars allotted to the US. One of my buddies attempted to do this (and discovered the loophole) had ordered a ’06 9-3 2.0T Convertible via IDS a short time before the Ann Ed was introduced, and tried to switch his order to the ’06 Ann Ed, but was unable to change the order once it was placed.

    However, it was possible to special order the Ann Ed through IDS.

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