Pollhattan Saab 2 – Ad slogans

I enjoyed the last poll we had here on site, so I thought it worthwhile to give it another try. Hopefully all readers will be able to see it this time.

Today I’m thinking about advertising. The objective of the advertising tag is to stick in the mind of the observer and create some feelings, hopefully positive ones, about the brand. On that criteria, BFJ is actually doing pretty well. But in these days of modern media and over-analysis it also has its detractors.

I have my own favourite from amongst this bunch, but I won’t try to sway the vote by revealing my own opinion.

Comments are always welcome in order to expand on your thoughts.

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  1. I think the “Born From Jets” sounds kind of silly for people in Sweden. The decision to bulid cars come before the first Saab produced jet, and everybody know that the jets have motors from Volvo in Trollhättan.

    Of the slogans above, I like “Move Your Mind”.

    My favourite ad slogan is a Swedish one from like 15-20 years ago: Vägvinnaren. I’m too tired this first morning after the summer holiday to think of a English translation… 🙂

  2. I think born from jets is okay. It probably works better abroad as CTM mentioned.

    My favourite is The State of Independence. Maybe it doesn’t work that good with GM as a owner and upcoming production in Germany.

    But the ad with a car driving in a landscape with closeups on turbo etc and speaker voice is asome. “welcome to the state of independence”

  3. What’s sad about BFJ is that every ad has this at the bottom in fine print:

    “The manufacturers of Saab jets and vehicles are no longer affiliated.”

    Kind of kills the premise. But heck, Saab’s goal in life is to sell a lot of autos in North America. If BFJ is *the* means to that end, so be it.

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