Polhattan Saab – SID

The MY2007 Saab 9-3 is now landing at dealerships in Saab’s bigger markets.

One of the contentious changes with the car is the relocation of the SID (Saab Information Display) from it’s original position above the dashboard to a smaller display within the instrument cluster.

Pic 1 – Old school with the SID up top.

Pic 2 – New School with the SID in the cluster

So go to it and get voting. I assume the next-gen 9-3 can be designed to conform with the wishes expressed here šŸ˜‰

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  1. Many plp complain about the SID in the 07 9-3. But those small small digits just below the bright bright world outside a sunny day, made it almost impossible for me to read them The contrast was to big. The new placement is much better.

    A think a HUD is something else, even though I havn’t tried one yet. The digits are big and you don’t have to change the focus of the eye.

  2. Its logical to move it if you don’t have the navigation, as otherwise there’s not a lot you can display in the screen there. i.e. the info is either repeated or your 2 inch screen is saying radio, cd, system all the time.

  3. I am actually getting used to the new dash layout. The only thing I dont like is the piece of plastic on the top of the dash covering up the hole where SID used to be. Looks cheap(ish)!

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