Poll results – Sinful Thinking

Well, the poll was timed much better to get a good sample this time and it showed. Nearly 300 votes in less than 24 hours, which was much better than the last one – a weekender that took a few days to compile just over 200 votes. Live and learn.

The results? Well, it seems a goodly portion of you would be willing to see yourselves in something on the more quiet side of Saab if they were to fold. Purely my perception.

56 voters opted for an Audi (too disconnected) and 44 for a Volvo (like driving a block of flats), which were the two highest individual votegetters. But don’t let my naysaying sway your opinion. Each to their own and please feel free to sound off at me in comments. Variety’s the sort of thing that makes the world go round, eh?

Other prominent vote-getters were BMW (grrrrr), Porsche (yay! – my choice) and in the ‘other’ section, Alfa Romeo (yay again!). Gallantry is indeed back in fashion with 32 people declaring themselves to be potentially without transport altogether if Saab were to blow a final pffoofer valve.

Feel free to dissect the results in comments. Posting will be light over the next few hours due to some video-editing duties.


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  1. I voted Audi: I love Porche, but considering Porche is sorta out of Saab’s league, I didn’t consider it to be a relevant poll option (mm though i’d love a 911 GT3).. there’s my 2 cents.

  2. Yeah no kidding. I think the new Peugeot 207 and 607 are fabulous cars. And would love the chance to drive them one day when I’m in Europe 🙂

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