Saab Australia: sales up in August

Saab Australia have joined the US and Swedish markets in having a positive sales month in August.

We’re talking about sales from a small base here, so large percentage rises are expected. Even so, a 100% rise is nothing to be sneezed at for any country or dealer network.

Saab Australia recorded 147 sales for August, as opposed to 71 for the same month last year. That’s a rise of 107%, which is great going in anyone’s language.

Saab Oz have now shifted 1,223 vehicles, which is 371 more than for the same period last year – a rise of 43.5% year-on-year. Out of interest, I’ve noted that Saab sold 1,510 units last year in total. It’ll be interesting to see how soon they pass that 2005 mark.

Congratulations Saab Oz on a job well done.


Competitors (YTD):

BMW: flat at -0.6% (10,337 units)
Audi: Up 11.7% (3,573 units)
Volvo: Up 36.5% (2,597 units)

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  1. Considering the market as a whole was down 5.4% then the Saab figures make for even better reading. Good to see things happening.

    There’s a huge advert spanning the 6 lanes of the Pennant Hills Road in North Western Sydney for the 20th anniversary convertible, the same spot Saab advertised the 9-3 sportswagon earlier in the year. Must have had an advertising budget increase. That and the aggresive pricing on some models seems to be working.

  2. Praveen should be given Australian Citizenship immediately as a motivator to stay in the country permanently. After this, GMH should make him the head of Saab OZ for a minimum of 5 years. Since my first 9-3 purchase in 98 we’ve never had anyone doing the campaigns, promotions, etc etc as he’s done. We need him !!!!

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