Saab UK sales – August 2006

No champers for Saab UK this month, with sales dropping 27.02% for the month.

Saab UK sold 624 units in August, as opposed to 855 units in August 2005.

The good news? Well, they still managed more than Volvo, who sold 589 units. And they’re still in positive territory compared to last year, but only just. They’re going to need to regain some momentum if they want to set another UK Saab 12-month sales record.

August is always a down month for car sales in the UK. I’ve had it explained here once before but the details escape me as I type this. The gist of it is that twice per year the roads authority there upgrade their number plate codes and consequently it helps your resale value if you’ve got a later model plate. The critical months in question are March and September, which is why February and August sales are traditionally low.

See the clickable graph below.


Interestingly, it’s the first time in any market or month that I’ve noted Audi (3,137) as outselling BMW (2,943).

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  1. Nice for you to remember almost exactly Swade. Be The additional info is the September usually reaps a high registration count over March! So we could see nearly 6000 registrations for September.

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