Saabo for sale!

This came to me via local Tasmanian Saab nut and wheel repairer extraordinaire, Drew B. He’s an Ebay junkie so it was no surprise when his email entitled “The Ultimate Saab Accessory” turned out to be an Ebay item.

It’s a 1967 Saabo caravan, for sale via Ebay out of the UK. Sensational.


My original post on the beautiful Saabo is here. Not particularly livable when you look at it, but incredibly nice to look at on the back of a 95 or 96.

The auction finishes on my sister’s birthday, September 11. I might just have to get it.

For her,of course.

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  1. Talking about sale… From

    Saab sale worldwide Jan-Aug 2006: 89.377 vehicles, up 5.316 from previous record. For Europe, it’s up 22% this year.

    Coutries mention with good sale in August are Spain, Switzerland, the Nederlands and *tadaaa* Australia. Also, U.S. as reported here a couple of days ago (up 16%).

  2. Hadn’t seen Swade’s previous feature on the Saabo so this was a suprise. I’ve been thinking about a dinky little van to go behind the Sportcombi.

    There is only one thing that worries me about this one… no pics of the inside!!! My imagination runs rampant and I picture all sorts of horrors, really!

    Maybe SAAB can launch a redecorate your Saabo competition, just like the Young Interior Designer awards they ran here in Oz recently. Although it would be hard to beat the original decor shown in Swade’s feature…

  3. Al> go sit on a pineapple!

    I want this caravan for so many reasons……

    It’d be great to tow behind the 95. Or 96. Or 99. Or any other daggy old Saab model. I could cut an extra large window in the side and sell icecreams for a living.

    It’d be great to appease Winnebago owners with by stating that size isn’t everything, it’s just how you use it.

    It’d be great to dig out any amount of old Saabo warranty recall info, then pester my local Saab dealer for part numbers and prices for everything that needs fixing. “Hi, I’m just after a new left rear stove plate adjustment knob for my 1967 Saabo caravan. Do you want a chassis number?”

    Man, how I could piss off the neighbours by doing a total resto, spending weekend after weekend sanding off the gelcoat with an orbital sander, then coating their cars in bright green overspray.

    I wouldn’t have to worry about services. Or turbo failure. Or the gearbox wearing out. Or engine sludging. All I’d have to do is check the tyre pressures and replace the interior light globe occasionally.

    I’m off to make a bid!

    Drew B

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