Screw ’em

This is my response to these.

Click to enlarge to 1280×800. Other sizes can be prepared on request. Just leave a note in comments. Makes a nice email greeting for all your BMW and Audi-owning friends 😉

Designers of the future 1280x800.jpg

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  1. Robin,

    If you can go and buy one of them Audi Le Mans machines and bring it here then I’ll buy a racetrack for you to drive it on.


    Now stop trying to out smartass my smartassiness 😉

  2. Swade:
    There’s an article on MSN money talking about the potential for 100 mpg cars based in plug-in hybrid technology. The article mentions that Toyota is the undisputed leader, but GM is experimenting with it. I really hope Saab gets to debut the technology in Paris. Think about it; Saab 93 Convertible hybrid that runs on biopower or a Toyota Prius? There’s no competition.

  3. haha i thought Bentley’s response was the best.

    “To BMW, Audi, etc… congrats on all your fancy awards, love from the car company who can still sell 20 year old cars for more money than most people will make in a lifetime.”

    At least that’s how I read the symbolism.

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