SOTW – Alt Saab Badge

This is one of the better aftermarket Saab products I’ve seen for cosmetics.

The photo was sent in by Andy, who purchased this badge from a vendor on Ebay. Some of the Saab fringe products on Ebay can be quite ‘ordinary’ to say the least (those racing jackets from Taiwan or wherever – I’m blowing chunks just thinking of them) but this is one of the more tastefully done items.

The badge sits proudly on Andy’s 1988 Saab 900


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  1. Looks good, Andy.

    I’ve noticed quite a few variations of these badges on eBay over the past few months, and am surprised by their high quality. They make Viggen ones too…… πŸ˜‰


  2. That looks great !

    Ah, this sadly reminds me of a time I was at a local auto paraphernalia shop and came across a Saab-Scania hood badge where the griffin is blue and the surrounding blue area is red. Very cool !!! But they quoted Cdn$30 for it and I said I’d think about it. Well sure enough the next time I checked there it was sold. Sigh.

  3. I thought my made-in-Singapore countefeit Saab racing jacket (or should I say imaginary because no such authentic jacket ever existed) looked pretty cool. Course, I keep it hidden away in my closet and never wear it for fear of being ridiculed, but soon, when I’m a little older, I won’t remember any of that and I’ll think it’s the real thing. Then maybe I can really enjoy it.

  4. Adam, don’t scare me! It’s been a little over a week and its still looking good. Here’s hoping.

    SaabKen, Do you have a link to these other emblems. I like the idea of the reversed colors, but have never seen it done.

  5. Sorry Andy I don’t. I have no idea who makes these alternative badges (I rarely go on eBay myself) nor do I know how to find the sources.

  6. The lovely griffin of the Region of Scania projected over a Swedish Flag (that is the wrong way in sense of heraldic)? The same Sweden that occupied Scania 350 years ago? Horrible, I say… πŸ™‚

  7. Search for these items on eBay (I don’t want to copy the whole link because it’s very long string):
    Item number: 290028628542
    Item number: 150032650981
    Item number: 150032645477
    Item number: 150031844353
    Item number: 150031553230
    Item number: 190029556703

  8. Get your UV blocker before you get one then.
    I got mine because the original badge chipped off and the Viggen badge off eBay was cheaper than the authentic badge. I guess when this one disintegrates I’ll get a real one.

  9. That Griffin Gear site is sick I have had three VW’s and always thought they did a good job marketing their products with tie in’s like shirts stickers ect… SAAB Stuff for you and your car thats cool

  10. Hi, Griffin Gear is not involved in any way with those ebay badges. The Griffin Gear logo decals someone linked to, only need UV protection if the design has the chrome/mirror look in the graphic. even without it, the chrome is rated to last 2 years and all other colors 8 years outdoor exposure. thanks for the compliments, I just make mostly a few t-shirts for my Saab club every now and then for a hobby, and when I have extras I wanted a website to offer them to other saab fans.

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