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This Saab O The Week is a Flickr discovery. I doubt whether the publisher, cviglietti, is the owner, but it’s just a great mood photo.

If you want to see some other great Saabs, check out the SOTW archive as it’s full of good stuff.




I’ve copped a little flack for the SOTW shot above. I quite liked it, but it seems some didn’t. One even sent me a replacement, so here it is…. from Paul in Sydney.

This is my mate Frank with his V6 900 se on the Bells Line Of Road on the way to Bathurst. I was following in the 9-5 wagon with one hand on the steering wheel and the other holding the camera. Great fun. When we got to Bathurst we swapped cars for a lap around Mt. Panorama once we’d checked for the absence of police…..

Mt Panorama is the most famous racing circuit in Australia with a 1000km car race held there every year. It’s a road circuit and publicly accessible, but not at speed like the Green Hell.

Great photo.


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  1. Looks like I’d better get handy with the camera again, in an effort to supply a photo that doesn’t look like a blurred-out Daweoo Lanos!

    I’m still waiting for a mag cover photo……and before anyone says it, I don’t mean the one of me clutching a certain sunroof motor!


  2. “‘Mate’ has a different connotation here in everyday language”–yeah, I figured. But it just reads real funny here in the US.

  3. Fudgepacking aside ( not that there’s anything wrong with that)…….This is a great photo – not the least because this looks like my car! Nice to see the old ugly duckling V6 showing a bit of spirit. On a great road too. Have driven that one many, many times.

    If Paul in Sydney ( or the now infamous mate, Frank) read this – could you provide a little background on the car as the wheels/tyres appear to be non-standard as does the suspension judging by the way its sitting on the road. Can you elaborate?

    Exhaust seems stock, or at least the tailpipes seem to be.


  4. As if i’d marry a mate…….

    PT, there’s all the info you want regarding Franks 900 here at

    His username is (or was, the goose got banned the other day for a trifling bit of nonsense, got to love forum moderators egos eh?) Razor and he’s posted anything and everything he’s done to the car. It’s all very easy to find as that part of the forum has little traffic, BMW rules the roost.

    I was quite dissapointed with the V6 after driving my 9-5 lpt 2.3 Wagon, there was just no oomph and around Mount Panorama it’s quite nice to have a bit of oomph:) Now if you bolted a turbo to the side of the V6 it might become a different beast altogether. While i was flooring the throttle up the mountain in Franks car he was sitting on my rear driving my wagon with the throttle only half open urging me on but the 900 had run out of puff.

    Another mate (friend) came across from Wagga with a 9000 manual Aero which he let me take round for a couple of laps with him as passenger. Now that was fun:>)

    All within speed limits of course as it’s a public road.;)

  5. Thanks for the links & background Paul. Hadn’t seen the eurocca forums before.

    Your comments re the performance of the V6 are unfortunately pretty much my experience too. Enough power (125kw) but not enough torque. Certainly no match for a 2.3t, at any level of boost. Having said that, I’ve always found that the engine keeps going long after the suspension & chassis says enough!

    My V6 is my first Saab and I bought it because it was a 5 door hatch with an auto tranny and seemed safe and nice to drive. I didn’t know much about Saabs although I did realise that 4cyl turbo was what they specialised in. Anyway, its been a good car and perfect for my wife who drives it most of the time.

    Sidebar – used to rendevouz with my wife ( then girlfriend) for picnics on the grassy hill at the top of the mountain – just up from the Skyline.I was a sales rep and bathurst was part of my country territory. Spent a lot of time in-between appointments doing a laps at Panorama in the company commodore….. all within the speed limit of course.
    Gotta love the mountain.

    Anyway, I actually looked into various mods for the V6 ( exhaust, airfilter, chips, suspension) but really came to the conclusion that it is what it is: a nice looking car that goes ok but its no hotrod. One day I’ll get around to owning an aero or viggen and put some work into that but the V6 seem to not warrant the money. For the meantime, the V6 has opened my eyes to what Saab offers, despite being one of the orphans of the range.

    I’m intrigued how Frank decided that this was the one to pour his heart & cash into. Does he have a long history with Saab and a customised v6 just seemed perversely interesting? Or did he just wander in like me?

    I bet he’s thinking of how to get his hands on a 2.3 turbo after the bathurst trip.

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