STM Racing Update

Continuing the coverage of Swede Team Motor’s racing season with thanks to STM and in particular, Anders J…….

Last weekend at Anderstorp there was a full line up of Swede Team Motor vehicles, the new 9-3 TiD (#93), the BioPower V6 (#39) and the old style 9-3 TiD (#930).

On Saturday it was a 3 hour race as usual, #93 got 8th over all and 3rd in class, #39 23rd over all and 6th in class and #930 got 16th overall and 7th in class.

On Sunday it was an 8 hour race and the results: #93 3rd overall and 1st in class, #39 14th overall and 6th in class and #930 15th overall and 5th in class.

The BioPower is still in a “run in and debug” phase, otherwise that car should be the fastest of the three.

There is only one race left for the season. Currently #93 (diesel sport sedan) is 4th overall in the 3 hour race competition with 618 points. The current holder of 3rd place has 626 points. It will be a close race in the finals…

In the 8 hour race competition #93 is in second place (805 points) just 5 points ahead of the 3rd car, but 95 points behind the leader.

One race to go and there’s a third place up for grabs in one competition and a second place to be held in the other.

Go Swede Team Motor!!

The following photos were taken by STM guru, Jonas Stellemark. Click to enlarge.


Cool jet graphics on the display car.


Is this a 1:43 scale plan for next year’s car????


The older 9-3 diesel in the sheds before takeoff


Inside the cockpit.


The Biopower V6 attacks a right-hander


The Diesel Sport Sedan down the straight. BMW appropriately placed in it’s wake.


New Old School. It’s amazing how partial you become to one of these when you’ve got one.


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