Swede Team Motor racing again


Swede Team Motor are back racing this weekend.

This round will take place at the Anderstorp Raceway and STM will hopefully be running both the diesel and E85 Biopower cars.

I’ll be looking out for details and posting them here as soon as they’re available.



  1. I suspect that red arrow on the bumper of the SAAB in the photo is to show emergency crews where the tow hook is located, but I suggest they add one in the interior of all SAABs sold to show people where the ignition is! ;-P

    Is that a VW Bug he’s passing? He must be so proud. What kind of race is this!?!? 🙂

  2. Gripen,

    There’s several classes racing at the one time so there’s also Hondas and Porsches and plenty of others out there too. I’m not sure what class the Beetle’s in compared to the 9-3, but a car’s a car and you still have to get around him.

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