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GM Newswatch: there’s currently two elephants in the corner of the room that don’t get talked about too often, but could have huge effects on the ongoing operations of GM at multiple levels: Delphi and GM-Renault-Nissan

* The next round of talks in the Delphi case are scheduled for next Monday – September 18 – having previously been postponed on August 17. The UAW say they’ll b presenting witnesses to support their claim that Delphi should be forced to live up their labor contracts. Delphi’s case is centred around them wanting to have their existing labor contracts thrown out so that they can pay what they see as a more realistic and competitive wage. A strike at Delphi, should the UAW urge members to go that way, would cripple GM’s supply chain in the US. GM are trying to help broker an agreement that will see operations continue, however the merry-go-round of postponed court hearings can only go on for so long.

* The Renault-Nissan thing has one month to go before we can expect to hear any findings of synergies or the lack of that could benefit both parties. In the meantime, there’s been talk that Ford approached Renault/Nissan about a similar setup should the whole thing with GM go south. Since they’ve appointed a new head honcho in the last week though, I’m not sure this is going anywhere.


The Saab Performance team are in Nevada right now at the 43rd Annual Reno National Championship Air Races and Air Show.

The partnership gives Saab a major presence at the show, including participation by the “Born from Jets” promotional tour. Special guests during the weekend will be the famous U.S. Air Force flight demonstration squadron, The Thunderbirds, plus Saab’s own Performance Driving Team from Sweden.


I’m not sure if they’ll be in San Francisco too, but Saab appear to be the major sponsor of FleetWeek, a celebration of all things Navy. Even if they’re not there it’d be worth checking out as the event hosts a leg of the Red Bull Air Race World Series.

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