Titan Grey

Just received via email, with the notation:

I could be wrong here…But I think this is the new Titan Grey

I’m willing to bet that it is. Click to enlarge.

9-3 Titan Grey 800px.jpg

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  1. (Writing from a hotel room in Juneau, Alaska, on a business trip):

    I like Titan Grey very much. It’s more interesting, has more depth, than the old grey.


  2. What, Greg — do you get extra credit for posting on the road? I see your Juneau and raise you a Dallas, Texas.

    Anyway, I like it. I want it. But, alas, I will be getting my company-supplied Chevrolet Impala on Tuesday. It appears that soon we will jettison the company car concept and they will provide an allowance for the car that we want to drive. That’s when I’ll spring for the new Saab.

  3. What is this? Business-trip-week?! I read earlier on SC that 1985Gripen’s been away for work as well.

    No wonder the comments have been quieter this week with all these people away.

  4. The last few days I’m greeted by a “Do you want to run an Active X control on this webpage” dialog when i come to TrollhättanSaab.net. Have you made any changes Swade?

  5. Swade made some audio or video song that was embedded and it ended up crashing my firefox browser every so often.

    I’m looking forward to that posting to be moved into the archives so I can visit the site without “crashing”.

  6. Mats,
    My home system has been locking up the last few days when I visit trollhattansaab, so I’ve given up reading it there. That probably explains why.

  7. Swade: Virtually every week is a business trip week for me, so no biggie. Actually, I’ve posted from four different states in this week! (Tennessee, Florida, Texas and Oklahoma)

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