Trying to Podcast the TS Video

I’ve been trying to set up a Podcast feed with iTunes for the “Two Germs and a Swede” video.

If you’ve got a video-capable iPod, you can download the video at the following link: Download File 7.5MB, m4v file. (Right Click, Save Target As….)

As soon as i’ve got the iTunes thing sorted, I’ll update. Geez, it’s frustrating.

UPDATE: I’m admitting defeat on this one. I’ve tried everything, but iTunes just won’t take the feed. It’s a pity as I’ve manually loaded the video onto my iPod and it looks great.

UPDATE II – Several people have reported problems loading up the site this week. I’m 99% sure this is due to an entry called “The Show”, which I’ve now deleted. Hopefully that should fix things.

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