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Saab sales stuff:

* I read a report the other day that in line with usual registrations trends, UK car companies are expecting sales for September to be around six times the number they had in August. Here’s hoping Saab UK see at least that amount and maybe a little more.

* The one market that still baffles me is Germany. If I were King there’d be resources going in there like never before. Saab sales in Germany for August were as follows:

Saab 9-3 – 244 units sold (+15.1% on prior month and +0.2% on prior year)
Saab 9-5 – 54 units sold (-30.8% on prior month and -11% on prior year)
Saab 9-7X – 11units sold (no comparatives)

Thanks to Jochen for the numbers.


EduSaab directed me to an article that’s almost an argument for the “The State of Independance” catchphrase.

It’s a feature on the number of times Saabs have been used in movies and TV and an examination of the characters that drove them. The argument being that the majority of the time it was a deliberate placement of a vehicle that denotes the character as being a bit different or independant.

…..the protagonists use the Saab as a tool to demonstrate that they are different, individual and willing to show it. Even Seinfeld used the Saab in this way. He is a Porsche man (has 40 of them, in his own garage, with mechanics), but in his television series he wanted to use a Saab, since he found they better defined his character, and took him in the right direction, where a Porsche would have alienated audiences and said the wrong things about him.

Your 0.02c is invited.

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  1. Cool ! The two loves of a Saaber’s life: a classic Saab and a woman.

    Speaking of Saabs in Taiwan (my home country), check out this amazing private Saab service facility (the guy owns 10 of them all in Taiwan) …. AND his amazing Saab collection. The clip is mostly in Mandarin (with a few blips of Japanese) but hey, a picture is worth a thousand words:

    Enjoy !

  2. The poor, misguided bastard! Suggest he buys a ’75 Totota Corolla and marries an ugly fat chick, thereby ensuring financial prosperity!

    Drew B

  3. …..and what’s more, after viewing Jackie Chan’s slideshow no less than THREE times, there’s not one photo of the new Mrs taking HER jeans off at the back of the car! Not even a bra strap in sight, unfortunately. I’m a disappointed man.


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