Two Germs and a Swade (the preview)

I’m sort of pleased to reveal the preview clip for Trollhattan Saab’s first video effort.

I’m over the moon about the content, but a bit disappointed with the way it looks in YouTube. I was going to get it hosted elsewhere but they had problems with the copyright breaches we committed (did I just say that??). Allegedly committed. It looks a lot better in Quicktime.

Anyway, we’ll put original music together for the full video, which should be ready in a month or so [he says optimistically….]

The video’s called “Two Germs and a Swade”. It features yours truly and a couple of my mates, Colin and Rob. Col’s got a 1994 BMW 325 Convertible. Rob owns an early model Audi S4 and of course, I have my Viggen. We’ve all chosen our particular cars for specific reasons and the idea for the day was for us to drive each other’s cars and gain an appreciation for them.

Can the Saab hold up against it’s German competition?

I’d like to thank the guys for coming along and having a bit of fun on the day. I’d particularly like to put up a big shout-out to Ben W, who did all the camera work and editing. There’s a fair bit more to come, but thanks for all the work so far.

Anyway, enjoy the clip. It’s around a minute and a half only. The final product will be around 10 minutes long and as mentioned, will be available in a month or so.

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  1. lol,;-)))))))))))))
    lick buddy that BMW emblem,lick.For some reason when I saw this licking stuff I had association with Orwell’s 1984

  2. hands down, the best video ever made. ever.

    “Anyway, we’ll put original music together for the full video, which should be ready in a month or so”


  3. Swade, fantastic! Very clever, very slick, very amusing, very professional (for amateurs)!

    Well done Ben!

    I, like everyone else would love to see the full version.

  4. Now this is good stuff.
    What a hoot of vid.

    Swade et al – you can send Richard Hammond best wishes from Trollhattan Saab or personally via the BBC or Top Gear web sites.

    He has a “significant” brain injury and it will be weeks before the outcome is clear. Clarkson says its ’50-50′.

    Pretty Grim.Seems possible that a tyre burst after chute deployment and gouged left reaer wheel rim into the tarmac flipping the thing end of end with the roll cage digging into the soil. Nasty.

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