US Saab Sales – August 2006

The sales data is in for the US market for August 2006, and it’s pretty decent news.

After a roller coaster ride in 2005, Saab are aiming for consistent month-on-month sales for 2006 and (I assume) some modest growth in the numbers over all. It’s hard to tell if they’ll achieve the second part, but the first part is certainly on track.

Saab sold 3,168 vehicles in August, an 11.9% rise on the 2,726 vehicles sold in August 2005, which was at the tail end of the Employee Pricing for Everyone Scheme.

The individual model sales were as follows:

9-2x: 234 units sold compared to 207 last year (+8.9%)

9-3: 1,990 units sold compared to 1,508 last year (+27.1%)

9-5: 449 units sold compared to 705 last year (-38.7%)

9-7x: 495 units sold compared to 306 last year (+55.8%)

These are certainly solid, respectable numbers and Saab USA should be congratulated for coming through and maintaining that consistent sales level that they’re after. I’ll crunch some numbers shortly and see what it’s going to take to match last year’s total – there’s still work to be done.

For the moment though, it’s hats off and well done!!

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