Viggen Update

I’m trying to write a little less about my own car, but today’s a significant day, so what the heck.

She needs a wash, but with her refreshed skates on she’s looking better than when I first brought her home. I’ve also added a new pair of smoky side repeaters, thanks to Elkparts. I was a bit hesitant about removing the old orange ones, but these really do look the part.


Below is a closer detail pic. Note the wheel caps. These are off the 16″ Linear wheels that I had on the car temporarily. I forgot to tell the guys that changed the wheels over that my original centre caps were sitting in my console, so they just put the caps from the Linear on there.

The old ones were the double-circle Saab Scania caps. The newer ones are actually a slightly lighter shade of blue and suit the car a bit better (even if they’re not matched to the bonnet and boot badges).


Note the yellow below:


That’s the other recent change. I purchased a set of Koni adjustable rear shocks in Melbourne a month or so ago. I got them installed last Wednesday. I have them set to ‘soft’ at the moment so I haven’t really noticed a great deal of difference.

I haven’t purchased any new tyres either, deciding to wear out my old ones first instead. We need a full set on our 9000 so the expense was going to be too great. The 9000 tyres go on on Wednesday.

Koni detail shot below:


I’ve got about $5,000 left to spend on this car before I’ll settle. I’m pondering which components of the Viggen Rescue Kit I really need, as well as some front Konis to go with the rears, then I’ll be ready for the power upgrade. And looking at these photos it looks like it’d benefit from being lowered an inch as well…..

I took a ride yesterday in a MapTun Stage III 9-5 Aero yesterday and it was a journey to behold. Absolutely magnificent. The fastest Saab in Tasmania, without doubt. MapTun landed well and truly on my radar after that ride, I can tell you.

The journey never ends…..

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  1. Swade, I think the front brake discs are fitted in the wrong direction.

    take a look at this pics….

    but also at this…..

    I have groove front discs in my 9-3ss from Abbott and are fitted in the other direction, like the rear discs in your viggen. In some cases are fitted like in your front discs.

    Fitted in the other way its more comfortable, in that way is more agressive.


  2. Eduard,

    Does Saab use unidirectional rotors? If they don’t, they’ll look the same even if he swaps sides. From your pictures, the v25 link shows the grooves leaning forward at the top on the left side, and the v27 link shows the grooves leaning back at the top on the right side, indicating that they are not unidirectional rotors. Swapping sides on that car will have no effect on direction of the grooves appearance-wise. Can’t tell about Swades, he only shows one side at the front. Of course, I think unidirectional rotors have more to do with the lean of the cooling fins than the direction of the grooves.

  3. Too early in morning…

    Please replace swaping with swapping, appearancewise with appearance-wise, and undirectional with unidirectional.

    – done Ted, and I’ve also just made this the topic of a new post on the site. SW.

  4. Do the swaybar…… makes the Viggen feel like she’s more bolted to the ground, more solid. A BIG difference.

    The Air filter ain’t bad either, if for nothing else but the noise… hehehehehehe

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