Viggen Wheel Repair (Part 4)

It’s yet another weekend, which means Drew B’s working hard on my wheels again.

Part 1 (rubbing back) is here.
Part 2 (primer) is here.
Part 3 (basecoat) is here.

Now that the basecoat’s had a week to cure, it was time for the silver top coat.

If you’ve never seen a paint job being done before, it’s actually quite fascinating. What struck me most was the incredibly small amount of paint used to do the job. We had about 250ml of paint, added some binder for transperancy and some thinners, ending up with about 600ml all up. I left after the third wheel was done and there was well and truly more than half left over.

Anyway, the wheels are looking absolutely sensational. The aim was to recreate the “shadowchrome” effect without paying the exhorbitant cost of the shadowchrome paint kits. Drew and I both agree that the outcome has been very successful indeed.

When I first purchased the Viggen I had this job quoted at a professional paint shop and I was met with a $1,200 cost. $300 per rim for the repair and repaint in shadowchrome. Or I could go straight silver for $250 a rim.

So far we’ve spent $60 on repairs and about $80 in paint and abrasives. Of course there’s Drew’s time and considerable expertise as well, but he’s very kindly volunteered those gratis, though I’ll try and come up with a worthwhile reimbursement.

The wheels got their silver top coat(s) today. They’ll likely get another light dusting of silver tomorrow, as well as a coat of clear. After another week to cure, I’ll be shopping for tyres next weekend.

Click on the pics to enlarge.

Viggen Wheel1.jpg

Viggen Wheel2.jpg

Viggen Wheel3.jpg

Viggen Wheel4.jpg

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  1. Wallpaper, wallpaper…. August is over … wallpaper, w-a-l-l-p-a-p-e-r…

    (subliminal doesn’t work from 12,000 miles, I suspect, so I thought that I’d be somewhat direct)

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