Viggen Wheels (Final)

They’re done, and they’re sensational. They’ll be fitted on Tuesday.


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  1. They’ve got a much more satin-like finish than the straight silver. The photo doesn’t show it up properly, but they’ve got a dark-ish undercoat and an almost tranluscent silver finish on top. Somewhere between a very bright silver-grey and silver depending on the light.

    They look fantastic.

  2. I reckon TonyB will be glad to get his loaner wheels back, just hope he doesn’t notice the flat spots. Or burn marks from me lighting up the front tyres the other week…… but hey, at least the lettering on the sidewall is still there….isn’t it?

    Drew B

  3. He was pleased indeed. I just got them fitted this arvo. Couldn’t wait, and Tony actually needed the Linear wheels back as a new Convertible had a wheel damaged in transit.

    The only problem – the guys at Beaurepairs didn’t know I had the original centre caps sitting in the console (my fault for not telling them) so I’ve got new Saab centre caps instead of my old Saab Scania centre caps. They actually match the color of the car a little better, so I’m keeping them on there. Problem is, I’ve got to pay Tony to replace them.


    But geez the wheels look sensational on the car.

    Photos coming soon.

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