9-3 SportCombi Vector comparo

Following on from the news that the 9-3 SportCombi range in Australia would receive a Vector line, I thought it might be interesting to have a look at the Vector and do a very brief comparison against the Germans.

For the purpose of the comparison, I’ve used the more expensive Vector Sport model, which adds $4,000 to the price – and parking assist, a glass sunroof and a sports chassis to the car.


The Vector line in the 9-3 SportCombi is a much needed addition and as you can see from the comparison, the makes a compelling case for itself. The challenge for Saab Australia will be to make sure enough people get to know about it.

Make sure there’s enough press cars in the garage, Parveen – and feel free to put a copy of these stats front-and-centre on the steering wheel.

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  1. Finally were getting competitive!!

    that chart speaks numbers, but as you say its up to Emily,Lauren,George,David and the big fella Parveen to get this rolling. good luck cause your guys are going to need it.

    I know of a few people in Melbourne that could do with a loan car for a few weeks/months to get the word around 😉

    I must quote a dealer i meet last week, “9-5 is just to expensive to have sitting on the lot, i cant move them” that in its self is seriously concerning!


  2. Definitely good news and I suspect SAAB Oz has got some plans.

    Like the fact that the Linear and Vector Sport as official models meaning that you can have a 9-3 Linear Sport Sport Combi. Sounding more Swedish chef all the time, Bork Bork!

    BTW, note that the 1.8t has now gone from the Sport Combi range but it retains same entry price although auto has gone up to $2500 across the range. Now just try and find a manual on any car in the country.

  3. Saab kicks ass as usual… If only I had the $60,000 I wouldn’t wait a second to buy that 9-3 Vector.

    Let’s hope that Saab Oz starts marketing like crazy. Anyone else in WA who hasn’t seen a Saab add for like ever?

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