A Record Year?

Jan-Ake Jonsson was in the news earlier this week saying that Saab was approaching the end of what would likely be a record year, with expected sales of around 140,000 units.

It’s somewhat confusing to hear, therefore, that the Trollhattan plant might be dropping a regular shift. A news report in Ttela.se (in Swedish) is saying that on one hand Saab are claiming a record year whilst on the other, they’re saying they have to scale down production at Trollhattan to match demand.

The report goes on to say that GM are cutting down production at the site for the next four weeks with the cancellation of Friday shifts during this period.

Confusing indeed, but I have two possible explanations:

1) Sales can still be facilitated because current inventories are high, or

2) Friday is “Cadillac Day”



Thanks to Mats and CTM for the tip.

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  1. Could be true. According to GM, they made 2.432 BLS the first six months this year. During March-May they sold about 370 of them. The production is down to 30 a week after the summer.

  2. It could be a show of flexibility from Saab’s side upwards in the GM ranks… “We sell cars like never before and we still have time to spare, throw us something to work with…” Sounds entirely possible in my ears..

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