Aero-X Video

I’m pleased to be able to present a video record of my day with the Aero-X today.

I went along to the Media Day for the Australian International Motor Show, being held at Darling Harbour in Sydney.

Saab’s display was just the second one of the morning, so whilst the rest of the media trudged around looking at Nissans, Hyundais and other crud, I got familiar with the Aero-X.

Many thanks to Richo, who came along for the day with me. He’s responsible for 95% of the video and all of the photos that I’ll be showing here.

It’s a shame you have to compress video for the web, as it’s so great at full size (but it’s also 38GB at full size). If you click on the Google video link in the bottom right corner, you can watch it at ‘original’ size, which is quite small at 320px, but a bit clearer than this version.

I hope you enjoy having a detailed look at the car. As I say about 20 times during the course of the film, it’s UNBELIEVABLE!

There’ll be more to come……

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  1. That must be sooooooo cool to be there, sleek, clean lines, to die for curves, you’re a lucky man to be there and she was a blonde too. Lol I had to watch the start twice, once for the lady and then the car,

  2. Ted, Am thinking of doing that. A small charge to cover the costs of the blank DVD and postage if people are interested. We have 250+ photos and more video to go through as well, so that can be added. It really is worth seeing in a bigger format.

  3. “Lol I had to watch the start twice, once for the lady and then the car,”
    Why do you think the bigger format is so much more worth seeing?

  4. Wow! That looked like an incredible experience. “What engine is in it?” made me laugh. But the interior shot of the 180 degree windshield was impressive.

    Hopefully, they’ll bring one near Cleveland to look at. My wife and I are looking into the Saab Owner’s Convention next year. We’ll see.

  5. Swade, that’s the best Aero-X video on the web, bar-none. Kudos.

    The best thing in my opinion is the panoramic view. How comfortable must that be to drive and not have those blind spots at the A-pillars?!

    Great views of the instruments, but unfortunately due to the glare it’s hard to make them out. I didn’t know that the gauges were animated as you were able to show. That’s cool. Also, I heard they were “3-D” but I didn’t really know what that meant. It looks as if some of the readouts are in the foreground and some in the background, is that right? Sort of like a Mattel Viewmaster.

    All in all a great presentation. Only question I have left unanswered: what the heck is the tray in the rear of the car for!?!?

  6. Sweet – nice job Swade! I love the view out of the window. I’ll take one with the tall blonde option, please.

  7. I don’t have words to express my feelings right now…..

    I am very jelous at this moment, its astonishing the interior view of the car, like a Jet fighter.

    I wasn’t visit the Aero-x in the Madrid Autoshow, I hope it comes in the next Barcelona Autoshow.


  8. well done, swade.

    makes me wish i went to see it at the show in new york; but i’m sure my view, at best, would have been from afar.


  9. Swade- get you!

    Unbloodybelievable mate. Sheer enthusiasm.

    See through canopy and a see through blonde…

    Thanks for the close up tour.

  10. Swade and Richo,

    wonderful job on the video. I have watched a few videos of the aero-x and that video gives the best all around introduction to the car yet! I love what you are doing for the Saab community.

  11. Great, and I mean really great job guys. No other journalist has the enthusiasm that you have for the car, that’s for sure!

    And, or course, the answer to the question, “Why does she get to play with it?” is this: She’s hot, that’s whay.

  12. Swade,

    Your life is now complete. If you died and went to heaven, you’d know you’ve already got there. Sweet. I think everyone here who watched it was giddy when the canopy came down and you were inside, repeating: “I’m INSIDE the AERO-X !”.

    Fantastic trip. Kudos for a great coverage of the Aussie motor show. Best live Aero-X video bar none.

    BTW, I think it was neat how you happened to dress in white top and pants, matching the Aero-X and the two, um, shapely Saabistas.

  13. Swade, thanks for this coool video.
    I’m impressed, from inside it’s really like a cockpit of a fighter jet (as I imagine) 🙂
    Clean and futuristic, yet ergonomic design.

  14. man, this video is nearly two years old and the car still looks like it’s from the future. Saab, please, please, please…make a production version of this car (with the cockpit intact).

    also, please let the blond know that i’m available. her rear end is nearly as nice as the car’s. sorry! 🙂