Air Filters…your thoughts?

Seeking words of advice and wisdom….

The choices seem to be ITG or K&N. Outsiders seem to be Pipercross and JR.

Which one and why? Comments are all yours…..

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  1. If you dont have more then 300 bhp I would recommend to use Saabs original airfilter. You want gain anything with an aftermarket airfilter other that your turbo will take some punch since aftermarket airfilters dont clean the air as good as the original. Also, many of these filter have oil in them which can damage the air mass meater if your car has one (have had that problem myself).

  2. This time I agree with Dave. If you don’t want to boost your Viggen to extreme performance, it’s better to use factory filter.

  3. Thanks gents. Appreciate your thoughts. Obviously I’m not mechanically minded or I’d have known this already. Very interesting points you raise though.

    I don’t know whether I’ll get to 300hp or not once it’s all said and done. Probably more like about 280.

    All those stores seem so keen to sell them! And sometimes I get so keen to buy something!!

  4. I agree with the two other comments. Stick with the original air filter. The aftermarket stuff is just asking for trouble and probably won’t improve performance at all (unless you consider being louder an improvement).

  5. dont buy k and n for one big reason. i was going to put a k&n filter on my cadillac cts but when i went to go buy it the salesperson told me that k and n is a ford made filter, so therefore they are better for fords and nothing else. im just telling you what the salesperson told me

  6. I don’t know if it’s changed in the last 5 years or so, but there were only two true air filter manufacturers left in the US at the time — Purolator and another that I can’t recall (ArvinMeritor, perhaps?). Anyway, I’ve always taken from that news that you simply need to buy the best filter medium available for your vehicle without regard for the label — it’s likely just a label that differentiates some products like this.

    I buy the Saab OEM stuff because it’s the best filter medium available for the car. For my other vehicles, I try to buy Purolator’s best quality because I know the company’s philosophy.

  7. Swade, when I investigated filters I got the same message as everyone above. Stick with original, they’re pretty good.

    FWIW, when I looked into the exhaust the story was similar. The pipes were all good qual & mandrel bent. Could spend more on a muffler for a better sound & flow. Of course you could just go nuts an rebuild everything too…….

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