Australian Motor Show – not completely work safe

The following is a brief wander around the Australian International Motor Show, looking at various manufacturers etc with a slightly irreverent eye.

The video does contain some casual observances of various people of the fairer sex, as well as two Saab nuts giving consistently negative opinions about all other brands seen.

The last five seconds are a response to the creative thievery you will be shown on film, as well as being a fairly decent, if somewhat common reply to this: View image

I hope you enjoy it and please address all complaints to Richo…..

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  1. Swade mate, this is the funniest, driest thing I have seen/heard in ages.

    What a blend:Brilliant.

    By the way, it’s “F… Awf” if your are a Bentley Boy- not “F… Off!”

    Greetings from the arse end of Pommy land.

  2. Hmm,it’s lucky Mr.Wales wasn’t there or else there would be trouble.
    Any Astons there old chap?
    Go and get dressed up as a baguette and crash into a Renault.
    And what are G.M thinking introducing the Hummer into Australia,they surely must have rocks in their heads.
    Global warming,What Global warming? Retards.
    What does the Holden Captiva look like in the flesh coz i guess that will be the next SAAB crossover.
    You bloody barstuards have a great one and if possible have two or three i wont tell your missus

  3. Suzuki makes crap, but they hired the hotties! Ow!

    The H3 hitting the ‘wall of silence’ — LOL! However, I think that they’ll sell a few of those in Australia. Here the interest in Hummer is waning a bit, it’ll pass in Australia, too.

    Renualt — why? Somebody explain that to me, please!

    Again, excellent coverage, guys!

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