Australian Sales – September 2006

Saab Australia continued its good year with another rise in sales for September 2006. We’re talking fairly small numbers here, so percentages aren’t so important, but Saab Oz managed 125 sales this month, compared to 99 sales in September 2005.

Saab Australia have now sold 1,348 vehicles in 2006 and the big question is whether or not they can reach the 2,000 mark with three months to go. The total required is 652 vehicles, which sounds like a lot, but…..

In 2005 they had 559 sales in the last three months of the year. So far in 2006 they’ve managed a 41.75% increase over 2005 sales, so if we applied even half of that percentage to the 559 units sold in the last quarter of 2005 then 2,000 vehicles is definitely a possibility.

Congratulations Saab Oz. 2,000 is within sight – Go you good thing!!!!

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  1. Nice work Saab Oz. Good see Aussies warming to the love of turbos.

    2000 is a good benchmark to hit. Get there and then think about doing that each month. Thats when we’re really in the game.

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