Back-in-town Speed Snippets

We have a car show here in Hobart on Sunday and the Viggen will be there along with half a dozen other cars from our local car club and around 600 cars from around the state. Pics will be forthcoming.

I’ll be going all over the Viggen with this tomorrow in preparation. John tells me that it’s definitely “the goods”. First time I’ve used a clay bar so it’ll be interesting to see the results.


The best pic of a 2006 9-5 I’ve seen so far. From Flickr



They’re building Hummers in South Africa now. They’re going to sell them all around the world.

They’re building Saab-based Cadillacs in Sweden that they’re going to try and sell in South Africa (and I think they’ll sell more there than in Europe).


Things I wish Saab were doing (part 1)

Racing a turbodiesel car in the World Touring Car Championship – like Alfa Romeo


Things I wish Saab were doing (part 2)

Opening a super showroom space in a major Eastern US city – like Audi


Things I wish Saab were doing (part 3 – a real kicker)

A 25-hour enduro race featuring their diesel engines – like BMW

ah, 25 hours! They probably thought it wasn’t long enough.


The funniest thing I read all week:

21-year-old actress Scarlett Johansson says getting a BMW Z4 as her first car wasn’t a wise idea. “I wrecked it. It was in a million pieces and the only reason I walked away was because of the airbags. They saved me.”

Whatever could she be talking about?



And whilst we’re down here doing this college type humour, how’s this for a quote?

if you ever see a photo of a slap-headed tech hack with his dangly bits in the exhaust pipe of a Saab 9-5, it’s probably me.

Not my words, folks. But as you might be able to tell, this guy’s kind of excited about getting his new 9-5 Wagon. Good to see a real Saab fan getting excited, but remember – it’s OK to love your car, just don’t love your car

kudos to The Truth About Cats and Dogs for that one.


Two more Flickr photos to finish the night. Stick a fork in me. I’m done.

View more of this one here


This is a “Pilots Wanted” promo I hadn’t seen before…..


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  1. Saab in WTCC will never happen since GM already races with Daewoo… sorry Chevrolet there and I don´t think they want to compete with them self.

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