Bob Speaks (and makes sense)

One of the confusing aspects to the whole GM-Renault-Nissan thing is the argument from the Renault-Nissan people that GM need someone to hold off the advance of Toyota. I’m not sure if they think they’re going to deliver some synergies that would completely turn the market on it’s head, or if they think the combined GM-Renault-Nissan numbers would actually mean anything in the real world.

GM’s position in the market, it’s global shift and whether it all really matters are among the topics covered in this brief interview with Autoweek.

Sometimes when Bob speaks I get an overwhelming urge to remove my socks and shove them somewhere. This time around though, he’s making some sense. There’s nothing Saab specific in there, but it makes for some interesting reading nonetheless.

AW: How important is it to you that GM stay number one? Is that a big deal?

Lutz: No, it’s really not. To be honest, I think it’s more of a big deal for the GM lifers than it is for me…..And I think a period—and I wouldn’t like to see it last too long—a period of some years where GM is number two, I think it might be a very good thing for the culture.

A recommended quick read.

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  1. Wow! You’re right! Lutz on a lucid rant! That’s a nugget, for sure.

    I love this part:

    But there’s not enough money in the world to pay off all those dealers who have money invested (in those brands). You’re talking billions and billions and billions of dollars to settle all the lawsuits for breach of contract. And the analysts never get it. And you guys—it’s pathetic—can’t seem to publish an article without quoting half a dozen of these weenies, with arcane titles from business schools nobody’s ever heard of, and I don’t think you guys go out and check their credentials.

    Give ’em heck, Bob!

  2. Ahhh, thats better. Some logic from GM. Very refreshing. Given his history, why has it taken Bob this long to convince GM of the simple truths that BMW knows – just build one car, build a good one and sell it all over the world. Someone finally acknowldeges that GM has too many “brands”. And thats all they’ve become – brands. No longer marques.

    The final paragraph gives insight it the reality of any M&A discussion. Finance. Unts. Cash. Product is the least of the concerns and so the product man isn’t invited. harsh reality. Good on him for at least having the humility to admit that he’d probably stuff the whole meeting anyway.

    Worth the read but unfortunately confirming the ongoing demise that is General Motors.

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