Build it and I will come……

A photoshop job from Muz-X.

I cannot say it clearer than this: If Saab built this car, I would buy it.


Actually, here’s a tip to those Swedish (ok, working in Germany now) design geeks working on Saab stuff. A few years ago some dedicated Holden staff here in Australia worked after hours to produce a dream car they probably talked about during lunch breaks. It was a two-door version of the Holden Commodore, which was Australia’s best selling family sedan at the time. It had a curvy body for a sedan and it lent itself quite well to the two-door task.

Some time later it actually got built by these designers and engineers. This pet project of theirs then got shown at a motor show and eventually made it into production as the Holden Monaro, eventually being exported to the UK as a Vauxhall and the USA as the Pontiac GTO.

So, Swedish design dudes – dare to dream!

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  1. Swade, Do you remeber that
    photo you posted of a red
    hatchback a few months
    back? Your dream car may have been moved up from lunch to main course? Great
    time to lanuch a 300bhp beast with the NEW skin in 2007.

  2. I was even thinking on the way to work the lack of a 2 door 9-3 Sedan on the current range. If that was produced sales records world wide will be brokne, profits will go up and creativity/options on new models will give the consumer what they need/demand. A Viggen on that platform will be awesome and challenging to the S4, M3 and the likes !!!

  3. I’ve already ordered one.

    ***FOR SALE***

    Dream-catcher: Only been used once (unless you count all those naughty ones)

    ps- 1999 Viggen is thrown in for free

    That is HOT HOT HOT.

    Muz-X, your talents are wasted baby, knock down their door and give us all your vision! (with a 300HP twin turbo AWD)

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