Double Blue

This was my driveway this afternoon. Unfortunately only for a few hours, but it was fun while it lasted!


That’s the Australian version of the 20th Anniversary Convertible, which has the Electric Blue paint but is minus the V6 engine and the blue trims inside. The exterior colour is a lot lighter than I thought it would be. What I really like though, is the interior. Very comfy. The exterior blue continues along the top of the door trims inside and along with the white leather, it makes the cabin feel pretty light and breezy. Good stuff.

I didn’t take it for much of a drive as it’s our local dealer’s demo model and I had plenty to do cleaning up the Viggen for the car show tomorrow. The short drives I had proved comfortable enough though. I’m really going to miss that dash.

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  1. It’s Cerulean Blue mate- far too light and poncy. Viggen blue or Cosmic blue only allowed on driveways!

    Saab UK just launched Arctic Polar white again here- convertible looks good in it with black hood and dark grey trim but NOT with cream trim- Yuk. Do you get that white down under?

    I just saw a 95 after it was hit head on by a Ford Fiasco (fiesta)at 50mph- closing speed approaching 100mph then.

    All Fiesta occupants killed instantly.All Saab occupants serious but stable- they all lived. No critical injuries -broken bones mostly.What’s more they could be extracted easily.

    Makes me think of getting out of my small car and back into a Saab soon.

  2. I’ve got a pretty decent book about 99s and 900s – you may know of it.

    One read of that would be enough to make me want to get back into a Saab.

    I can loan you my copy if you can’t find one around your way 😉

  3. Very funny.

    Apparently that book is getting reprinted!

    Must be half decent then- some msitakes in it though.

    Maybe they will correct those- steel bumpers on the 99 not chrome – being one point apparently.

    Anyway, did you dare go out in a poncy light blue convertible?

  4. The convertible was only here for a few hours. I picked it up at 2pm and then one of the guys from the car club picked it up at 7pm for the car show tomorrow.

    I was too busy in between – cleaning up the Viggen for the show and catching up with regular commenter at this site, PT, who’s visiting from Sydney at the moment due to a conference.

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