(Early) Thursday Morning Snippets

Hi all, from a somewhat-warmer-than-home Sydney. I’m in town for the Australian International Motor Show, which will feature a vehicle we’re all now quite familiar with – the Saab Aero-X. As I write this the Aero-X is somewhere within a 10km radius of where I’m sitting. It probably has a cloth draped over it and it’s wondering to itself “what’s Swade doing right now?”.

Ah, destiny. It’s a wonderful thing.


I can now cross my first vehicle off the list from yesterday.

I took Richo’s Viggen for a drive tonight. It’s a little strange to drive a car so familiar in a different place. Feels like home, but it’s not. What was very interesting is the difference some polyurethane bushes and a sway bar can make.

My shopping list expandeth once again!!


It’s about time I covered Team Sanddodgers on this site. more to come on them soon, but in a nutshell they’re doing a charity run from Plymouth to Banjul. That’s UK to Africa in general geographic terms.

The Challenge is to simply drive the route from Plymouth to Banjul (on a limited budget) with the principle aim of helping some Charitable causes in Senegal and The Gambia. The car must be Left Hand Drive, cost less than £100 and you may only spend £15 preparing it for the journey.

So why cover it here at Trollhattan?

They’re doing the run in a Saab 99 Turbo.


I wrote a few days ago how the price of gasoline has dropped below the price of E85 in Sweden, giving some considerable cause for concern at Saab, where the 9-5 Biopower is Saab’s best seller, the market’s second best seller overall, and the best selling ‘green’ vehicle in the country.

Autoblog are covering an article today claiming that the move towards E85 and other biofuels is primarily responsible for the lower price of gasoline, with OPEC dropping the price in order to fend off the need to reduce the reliance on foreign oils.

It’s encouraging to see a cartel responding to market forces, though I don’t think it’s necessarily a good thing for the environment. Somehow I think the scare that higher fuel prices brought to many markets earlier this year will have some carry-on effects for some time, with some people really thinking about environmental impacts for the first time.


GM released another financial result to shut up Kirk Kerkorian. The beancounters have done their usual thing and provided several figures for us to get confused by, with the result being either a $115 million loss (net) or a $529 million dollar profit (adjusted basis) depending on how you’re feeling.

Whilst it’s not gangbusters in Detroit, it’s not all bad either and it’s certainly better than how the other big Detroit based companies are doing.

Now all we need to do is get some of that (adjusted) profit over to Saab in Europe, kick Cadillac out and let the Swedes do what they do best.

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