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No rumours here. This one’s solid fact and you can take it to the bank.

There WILL be a new MY2008 product and it’ll be launched in the US in August 2007.

The following press release from Saab actally pertains to the US Saab Owner’s Convention, which will be held in Southern Michigan next year. The underlined section tells the story.

DETROIT – For the first time in history, Saab owners and enthusiasts from all over North America and beyond will gather in Southeastern Michigan next year, celebrating the passion for their cars and the Saab brand. The Saab Club of North America has announced August 23-26, 2007 as the dates for the event.

The organization of the 25th annual Saab Owners’ Convention has been assigned to the Great Lakes Saab Club, with president Jim Laman serving as convention chairman. Commemorating the 60th anniversary of Saab as a car manufacturer, the 2007 Owners’ Convention will celebrate the highlights of Saab’s proud past, present and future.

“We are honored by the Saab Club of North America’s decision to choose Southeastern Michigan as the location of their Silver Jubilee convention,” said Jay Spenchian, Saab Automobile USA general manager. “We are looking forward to supporting the organizing Great Lakes Saab Club in every way possible. Beyond showcasing our flourishing Saab USA Heritage Collection and our latest array of products, including a number of special 60-Year Anniversary Editions, we are also planning on unveiling a very important new 2008 Saab production vehicle at the event.”

Continuing updates on the 2007 North American Saab Owners’ Convention, including the exact event location and program activities, will become available at www.saabconvention.org


The unveil at the SOC in August will actually be a US debut of a vehicle that will make it’s world debut in Trollhattan, at the Saab owner’s gathering there in June 2007.

Again, this ain’t rumour – it’s right out of the vault.

So which model will it be??

I initially thought it’d be the 9-4x as the press release allowed the assumption that this would be a world debut and the 9-4x is aimed primarily at the US market. Now that it’s being unveiled at Trollhattan I’m not so sure. It may still be the 9-4x, which has been in ground-up development for at least 12 months now.

Or if the rumourmill below is correct and the new 9-5 has been accelerated, then we could be looking at a new 9-5.

Time will tell.



News is now in and the debuting vehicle will be a re-skinned Saab 9-3. Click here for all the info.


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  1. I’m betting it’ll be the 9-4X. It’s probably much closer to completion than the new 9-5. If the rumors are true though, I cannot imagine that the new 9-5 will be too far behind.

  2. Mag-X

    The more I think about it, the more I agree with you. When you think about the all the weather testing, parts design etc that they’d have to do for the 9-5, there just doesn’t seem to be a way they could bring it to market that quickly.

    I’ve also heard some other mumblings that the 9-4x could be a lot more 9-3-based than we thought. So much so that they’ve got me thinking of the 9-3x concept, which I’m going to have to go back and have a look at.

    I’m sure some more facts will be forthcoming in the next few months.

  3. ….so, the new model will be revealed at the June gathering. Now SW, where will we be June 2007? Oh, that’s right – Trollhatten!

  4. If the 9-4X is indeed a close cousin of the 9-3 (or 9-3X concept), the nomenclature would appear similar to Ovlov’s S40/V50, S60/V70 and S80/V90 in that the wagon/CUV model is numbered one digit higher than the sedan equivalent.

    Which would more or less match current understand that the 9-7X would be phased out with the introduction of the 9-6X (lambda based) which will be the 9-5’s CUV stable mate.

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