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Ben sent me this Autoblog Green link yesterday morning, but I was flat out at the office. Given the headline I figured that I had it covered anyway: Saab taking their BioPower ethanol cars to Australia

I’d already written about the fact that Saab Oz were bringing four cars out here to show them off etc and I’d written about the alternative fuel conference in Sydney just yesterday.

What I missed by skipping the story was this little tidbit of fascinating info:

Ethanol is not widely available in Australia but it wasn’t available in England when the bioPower 9-5 went on sale there last year. Nonetheless, the flex-fuel Saab has sold well. The Australian model is due to be on sale early next year with a price premium of about $1500 over the $45,000 base price.

They’re actually going to release it for sale here?! At least the UK had plans for E85 in the immediate future. Australia’s got no plans for anything above E10 for some time to come. Still, it’s progressive and it can run on what we’ve got with no worries at all. The price mentioned above is US dollars, by the way. The Oz price will be around $70,000.

I’m feeling a little hesitant though, as I always do when the source exhibits a certain amount of dumbness. The ABG posting is based on a News Limited article, where the author describes the 9-5 as follows:

The car converted for ethanol is the Saab 9 (to the power of) 5.


Saab UK have got some great Autumn bonuses going on at the moment.


You can get free power upgrades on all Linear and Vector 9-3 and 9-5 models OR there’s free extras such as parking assist, Bi-Xenons, entertainment upgrades etc (this option not available on the convertible).

The power upgrades for the 9-3 are shown above and all of them are genuine Hirsch upgrades, covered by the Saab warranty etc etc.


From Flickr. Beautiful stuff.


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  1. i have to admit, when i first read the story i thought “cool” then “er, why….?”

    while i’m sure there is value in “being the first” to offer this kind of vehicle in Australia, Saab really don’t have the presence here to force the E85 issue onto our government. that said, Holden possibly does… and guess who owns Saab? maybe they know something the rest of us don’t? 😉

    otherwise, i see a $2000 optional extra that you can’t actually use not being terribly popular. compatibility with a nonexistent fuel… or a sunroof? hmmm…

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