If Saab were in the mob…

Like many, I’m a fan of mafia movies and folklore. I was reading this story on mob nicknames and it includes a link to a mob nickname generator.

Too tempting. After doing all the co-workers and family members, I thought I’d turn it to various Saab executives and people.

So here we go. If Saab were in the mob, we’d be hearing from….

Saab USA General Manager, Jay “Thinks-he’s-so-smart” Spenchian

Saab USA PR guy, Jan-Willem “The Grown Up” Vester

Saab Sweden General Manager, Jan-Ake “The Sicilian” Jonsson

Saab Sweden PR guy, Christer “The Grown Up” Nilsson

Saab Australia General Manager, Parveen “The Jeweler” Batish

Saab Australia PR girl, Emily “The Lemming” Perry

Saab UK General Manager, Jonathan “Thinks-he’s-so-smart” Nash

GM Vice President, Robert “The Pipsqueak” Lutz

GM Vice President, Design, Ed “The Lone Drinker” Wellburn

Saab Designer, Anthony “Danger-Prone” Lo

Saab Designer, Alex “The Xenophobe” Daniel

A couple of other notables…..

The Truth About Cars web publisher, Robert “Fancy Pants” Farago

Automobiles Deluxe publisher, Gunnar “The Merciless” Heinrich

Saab 99 and 900 author, Lance “The Quill” Cole

Rally driving legend, Erik “The Knitter” Carlsson

Rally driving legend, Stig “The Xerox” Blomqvist

Rally driving legend, Per “The Compass” Eklund

Saab design deity, Sixten “The Porpoise” Sason


I’ll let you all look up and discover the mob nickname for Saabnet webmaster, Scott Patterson, for yourselves.

UPDATE: That’s one ‘t’ in Paterson, not two as above. The results are funny either way though.


Just a couple of the regular Trollhattan Saab commenters:

SaabKen: “Danger-Prone”

Greg “Extra Arm” Abbott

PT: “The Xenophobe”

TedY: “The Enforcer”

Drew B: “Childlike Complexion”

Al Aero: “Two Fists”

Edu “Killer” Saab

Eggs “Cedar Teeth” n Grits

Ben W: “The Toweler”


From Steven “Kids Incorporated” Wade or Swade “The Just”. Choose whichever you like.

Feel free to look up your own and drop it in comments.

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  1. There is only one “t” in Paterson, which results in a different nickname than the one you (wisely) didn’t disclose.

  2. Nice very Nice.
    Drew B: “Childlike Complexion” thats very acurate.
    Al Aero: “Two Fists” I’m keeping well clear of you from now on.
    Ben W: “The Toweler” What the fudge.

    and mine well firstly matthew gould is The Merciless I like it alot.
    And Matt Gould “The Butcher, Baker and Candlemaker” but no two fisted fudge packer.

    Steve Wade i like “Sweet Nostrils” unreal bannana peel

  3. Thanks “Extra Arm”. Though having looked up the one-t nickname I think he’d try and have my family whacked if I printed either of them!!

    And Matt, I’m surprised you didn’t look up Tony “The Waterboy” Breckenridge 😉

  4. I did sweet nostrils , it was just boring
    My misses is better Danni “the pants” Quinn oy oy Savaloy.
    Hendrikas “the fist ” van haselt? should get together with alaero

    drewb Saab “del murder” sunroof.
    The strange thing is that Steven Kids Incorporated Wade is the same as alloy “Kids Incorporated” wheel
    The pants is gonna kill me if i don’t get back to work mad dog

  5. Fantastic post,

    Swady can you find the names for the folk at Saab Aust?

    Shannons looked like a blast aswell!!

    Two Fists 🙂

  6. “Ben W: “The Toweler” What the fudge.”

    er, please explain? i just wanna be a hitman, not someone who hands a old fat italian Don his linen.

  7. “The Pants” has let you out to play again, Matt The Merciless?

    Ah, the little things that relieve the boredom of the day. I think I’d a lot more fun making fudge right now.

  8. I’m having trouble accepting that Anna-Nicole Smith could possibly be “The Pope”. Jesus!

    I could make at least 25 jokes using the word ‘Missionary’ at this point, but I’d better refrain.


  9. Its “the Quill” here.

    Surely Steve “The Wheels” Wade would fit. Or Steve “Alloys” Wade. God forbid you are just Suede.

    Swade the Swede.
    The Viggen met Viagra
    Weven Stade

    Nah, this is getting stoopid

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