Intsaab 2006 video

Back in August there was a big Saab meet in Sweden called IntSaab. It was hosted by Svenska Saabklubben and attracted Saab enthusiasts from many parts of Europe and beyond.

At the time, I featured a number of photos of the event that were taken by a guy from France. If you hang around SaabCentral you would have come accross him using the nickname ‘Golfhunter’. His real name is Jeff and he and his friend Emily also shot some video whilst they were there.

It’s 25 minutes in length, so give it plenty of buffering time, but what you get for your patience is the Saab equivalent to Homer Simpson’s “land of chocolate”. It’s Saabs, Saabs everywhere and the variety is just fantastic to see.

Given that I’m planning on goint to Trollhattan in 2007 with a few other Aussies, this was a great preview of what I’m hoping we’ll see (except for the rain). Heaps of vintage Saabs, some in racing trim, a bunch of beautiful 99Turbos and of course, a real live glimpse at the original Saab Sonett. It’s great to see how some people have modified their Saabs too. The Super-Aero rims on the NG900 look great.

If you’ve got the time and the enclination, then enjoy. Thanks to Emily and Jeff for making the video and giving me the heads-up to share it around.

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  1. What a fantastic little video, I greatly enjoyed watching all 25 minutes of it! What a pity it’s not in mpeg format so that I could download and play on the home theatre system, burbling two-stroke sounds bouncing off the walls. If anyone knows if and how this may be accomplished, I’d be interested to hear it!


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