Monday Morning Snippets

The new SOTW calendar for October is coming soon. I’m just waiting to see if I can get the photo I need. (SB, please check your email 😉


Can I encourage anyone that interested in older Saabs (and who hasn’t already done so) to check out the Intsaab 2006 video, below.

It’s just fantastic footage and inspirational stuff for anyone that is thinking of heading to a Saab festival in 2007.


There’s a good photostream over at Flickr on the Saab Performance Team, who recently performed in Taiwan (do these guys have one of the best jobs in the world, or what???).

There’s several interesting things about this performance.

First, there’s a wide variety of cars on display. It’s not all red 9-3’s here.

Second, it looks almost as if it was an exclusively Saab event. We’re more used to seeing the SPT perform at airshows etc, but the signage here is significantly Saab.

Third, check out the Saab baby stroller….



It’s the 2nd of October.

That means sales numbers should start rolling in soon for the US and Sweden, with the UK and Australia around a week away. I’m also adding Germany to my watchlist, so any help with those would be appreciated.

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  1. I always thought that watching a video of a festival would be like watching grass grow but I enjoyed Intsaab 2006 immensely. Very professionally done with a good selection of mood music for the background. The music wasn’t quite as sweet as the sound of all those strokers though.

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