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Here’s a few more bits and pieces that have hit my inbox in the last 24 hours……some very juicy stuff here!

First, some talk over at the iSaab forums (in Swedish)…

– The bigger diesel (175 bhp) is delayed due to problems with quality.

– Ethanol for the 9-3 is also delayed. Nobody knows when it is ready. Production was planned for February 2007. But they don´t know if they will make it.

– The 9-5 will come in special edition at least in Sweden. With new rails (cromed) and with a new blue metallic paintjob.

– The 9-3 will get a face-lift and a crossover based on the 9-3! Possibly called 9-4x. The aero-version will get 4 wheeldrive maybe other engine-options also will get it…

That’s definitely news on the higher output diesel engine. I don’t know much about that one to start with, but I’d assume it’s an evolution of the 1.9TiD currently in use.

The ethanol 9-3 news ties in perfectly from the story I just reported, which was from a source quite independant from this. Read my original story on this issue by scrolling down below, or click here.

The mention of the AWD 9-3 being the 9-4x ties in somewhat with stuff I heard a while ago (the very first spypics of a Saab SUV that I received) pertaining to the Saab AWD vehicle being on Epsilon rather than another platform. The whole notion of a crossover having more car-like characteristics supports the use of Epsilon as well. The jury remains out on that one, but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

But the big issue is this one…..

The news about the 9-5 getting a special, limited edition is very promising. Previously when Saab have changed generations for a car, the outgoing generation has seen some special editions come out. They empty the parts bin for some real screamers that become quite collectible.

The obvious and very tempting conclusion here is that this is a precursor for a new generation 9-5 coming sooner rather than later.

Tying in with this news from iSaab is this story from Auto Motor and Sport, the Swedish motoring magazine (this is my dodgy internet translation of the original article, in Swedish)

General Motors has evidently realized that next generation 9-5 must come forward quicklily. So fast that one does not have time to await free and easy production capacity in Rüsselheim, [so they may] produce the car in Trollhättan.

[These are] only unofficial rumors from persons that definitely do not want to become named, but we can nevertheless not to let to become to divide with us. The thing is that General Motors at last has……realized that the mock-up generations must be had a turnover of quickly. Most urgent is next generation Saab 9-5, maybe not the most important mock-up for GM but definitive the as means most for Saab.

Next generation 9-5, and also 9-3, is built on GM’s Epsilon II [platform]. This has already been developed so long that the the first series mock-up, Chevrolet Malibu, is nearly clear for introduction. A lot of of “the construction carton” for Saab 9-5 is thereby clear and the snabbar up the process.

For some years since done GM clear that next generation 9-5 and 9-3 will be built in Opels factory in Rüsselheim. The problem for GM is to generation shift to unite for Opel and Saab means that the do not exist production scope free and easily before 2010, which so far been that year then next 9-5 is waited come.

But since GM now wants to few clear 9-5 earlier than 2010 is opened the sudden possibility that despite all build the car in Trollhättan. The sale of Cadillac BLS has of course flopped totally and Trollhättan is undeniably that factory that best needs new models.

About all this agrees, and more details perhaps will be released during Paris-salongen, so means the an unexpected but not smaller welcome improvement for Trollhättan’s future.

More gossip? Same source as submitted the information above asserts that the level of ambition is high for next 9-5. Saab-modellen becomes the most lavish and technical most studied version on Epsilon II-plattform. The sight is suspended on competing with Audi A6, and poorer aspirations than so can one of course to have

This is freaking excellent news and if true, MY2008 is certainly going to be make or break for Saab.

It’s good to see them aiming high, too. This is the flagship model we’re talking about here and it can’t just tread water.


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Thanks to R and T for the tips

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  1. Wow that is pretty juicy news. Makes my Monday morning. Still the mystery of accommodating AWD on the Epsilon I 9-3 remains (see SaabCentral news thread).

    “Snabbar” …… hmm, gotta look that one up …..

  2. Hope they continue to get the fine points right. This NY Times article shows that Saab still gets all the fine points right when making haulers (aka Sportcombis). The only contenders that were up to the task were the MB E500, Volvo V70, and Saab 9-5. Unfortunately she chose a used E500, but that was a preconceived preference.
    “How to Get to Carnegie Hall? First, Find a Car That Fits the Harp”
    It’s being covered by Autoblog here (click the “read the article” link).

  3. Oh what the heck, may as well quote the good 9-5 stuff:
    “The Saab was low, sleek and roomy, and the backseat folded flat, without obstructions. Like many of the wagons we evaluated, the lower section of the backseat flipped up to rest against the front seat. If additional length were needed, the back seat could be removed entirely — and the process is simple. It looked good.
    The finalists, then, were the Mercedes E-Class, the Volvo V70 and the Saab 9-5.”

    “The 9-5 gave us the same easy loading experience as the Mercedes. Carefully closing the rear hatch, we learned that the harp would fit even without removing the rear seat. The Saab was a contender.”


  5. Brilliant translation Swade.

    “…snabbar up the process”.

    Is that like FUBAR? A definite must for frequent use on this blog.

    Well I’ll be snabbared! Exciting times for SAAB.

  6. RobbanTHN –

    Yeah – i read that story I think a month or so ago. Saab came back with a response and said Sodertalje will stay open – only that some 2.0’s will be assembled at the same german plant in which they are made (Kaiserslautern). They are making room for increased production of the Biopower engines.

    Unless there new news of course…

  7. Good try at cracking Da Saabi Code, SaabKen.

    But I believe they’re trying to tell us something.


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