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A little more sales information following the announcement of Swedish, US and Australian sales…

* Saab are now expecting to sell 140,000 vehicles this year, up from 128,000 last year.

* Sales in Europe are up around 10,000 so far in 2006.

* Sales worldwide are up around 6,000 so far (so they expect to net another +6K in 3 months??)

* As noted by Zippy and Greg in comments for the US sales, the 6,000 9-7x’s likely to be sold this year at an average of, say, $37,000 after wheeling and dealing, means a gross income of $222 million. Given that we’re talking SUV here, a fair chunk of this is highly likely to actually represent a profit.

* Jan-Ake Jonsson was also pondering the fact that the current price of E85 in Sweden makes it more economical to run the car on regular gasoline – a fact that might bite into Swdish sales if the situation stays that way (although people still get the tax breaks for having the Biopower car, even if they’re running it on gasoline).

* Saab placed a dubious second on the Edmunds incentives table, offering the second-highest incentive in dollar terms and the highest incentive in percentage terms. I’d love to have the time and numbers to study this, but I don’t.


Thanks to Ron, Tobias and CTM for the info

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  1. I’m pretty sure Saab’s incentives are weighted by the huge incentives placed on the 9-2x since early this year. The rest of the cars in the US are moving with considerably less cash on the hood. In fact, I’m pretty sure the 9-3 2.0T models have just had the low financing in recent months to move out the 2006 inventory. I’ve seen a ton of new 9-3s around recently, even the SportCombis. Now I’m trying to convince my friend to get the 9-3 Aero over the Infiniti G35. Wish me luck 😛

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