Motor Show Snippets

What a freakin day!!

We’re still working through all the photos and HD film footage, but let me quickly pass on the following:


There’s some news on the model lineup for the 9-3 SportCombi.

Big news on engine and gearbox configurations

A few slightly sneaky bits of information as well.


The Aero-X was there. So were we.

Did we get near it?

Did we get to touch it?

Did we get to SIT in it?

And close the canopy?

Hopefully the video will be up sooner rather than later and you can see the most detailed footage of the Aero-X that’s been on the web so far.

You can meet Dirk, the electronics designer that travels the globe with the car. See the girls that worked the Saab stand.

Meet Parveen, Emily, Martin and a whole bunch of others.

See us flip the bird at Bentley and drool over the Alfa 8c Competizione.

All this and more as soon as I can figure out Final Cut HD Express……

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  1. Just saw this on CNN. There is a high-speed pursuit going on outside Sidney. Someone stole a Swedish supercar at a car show…


  2. Bring it on Swade!!

    Saw Parveen and the launch live and he did a reasonable job despite seeming a bit nervous or something, maybe you can shed some more light on that.

    Now about those SAAB girls in those nice clean Swedish outfits…

  3. Gents,

    I’ve just finished the Aero-X movie now but it’s huge. I have to figure out how to compress it so I can upload it onto Google Video. I’m doing it on a Mac, which I’ve never used before and I’m here on my own so it may take a little while.

    The car is simply fantastic though. Well worth the 8 months I’ve waited to see it.

    Turbin – Parveen was great. The only problem was that the microphone was too far away from his mouth as he spoke. Its ended up being a little faint in the video, too, but you should all be able to hear what he has to say.

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