My Hometown

Well, strictly speaking, this isn’t my hometown, but it’s where I live now. I just got back from my travels and it’s good to see the place again.

I mentioned yesterday that there were fires threatening a few places around here. This is how they looked last night….

Click to enlarge.


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  1. Welcome Home Steve.Hope the drive was thrilling.
    M8 those fires were pretty wild,and then with the back burning that went wrong.
    This time of year I’m glad i live in the Burbs of Lutana,even though Enzed is only round the corner.
    We should try and catch up soon, maybee at the start of next month after the Deloraine craft fair we will have a week off cooking

  2. =0 That’s terrible. I hope everything ends well. So much for your beautiful view, eh? A real shame.

    The same thing happens every summer in this part of the US. Mother Nature seems to think that summer is the best season to stop raining.

  3. Strangely beautiful, unfortunate that it’s so tragic. We don’t seem to have events like that in Ohio (US).
    Glad you’re back–I was beginning to worry.

  4. You’re right Ted. Strangely beautiful. We’ve all been lucky so far in that there’s been no homes lost and things seem to have settled a lot.

    The area where it started is a low socio-economic area and every year when conditions are worst for fires some dumbass kids go and light several of them. it’s become an annual event almost.

    Mag-X, the fires you see here are about five kilometers to the north of our place, at least, and our view faces south, so thankfully we haven’t lost any of it.

    Matt, if you have some spare time Sunday then lob on down to the Shannons show at Rosny. There may be a small BBQ at my place after as we have regular Trollhattan commenter, PT, visiting from Sydney.

    If you’re too busy with the fudge then next month is a definite.

  5. Steve, glad you made it back from Queenie (as the locals call it) without being taken into the hills by the locals. They do funny things up in those hills. Or so I’m led to believe.

    Bushfires were certainly spectacular, but since they were mainly around Risdon Vale I can’t help thinking that more than eucalypt vegetation got burnt. Looks like the price of “funny cigarettes” might be on the increase.

    Matt, hope to see you on Sunday. Need some advice on the direction of my rotor slots…… ;o)


  6. Whoa! That’s a dramatic situation, fo’ sho’!

    Shame that they are possibly intentional.

    Polar opposite here in Tennessee — rain, rain, rain and cold weather behind. Winter is setting in.

  7. Looks like the price of “funny cigarettes” might be on the increase.
    Damn i just got over the last rate incresae.
    And Drew the direction of the rotor slots matters not when they are firmly inserted into ones exhaust port.
    Cant make it this Sundy gotta cook 250kg of fudge sticky

  8. The fires are all under control now. We’ve had a cool change and some rain, which has helped. No word about whether they’ve caught the punks that lit it, but there’s little doubt it was deliberate.

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