New I-4 dual exhaust from Hirsch

I’ve just received this in my inbox and it sounds great – literally. The email also came with an MP3 of the note!!

Hirsch Performance, Saab’s factory-warranted tuners, have just announced a new dual exhaust system for 2004-onwards 9-3 Sport Sedans and SportCombis:

Stainless steel dual sports exhaust system

A smooth sonorous idle, a relaxed partial load rumble, and a gratifying roar at high rpms with wide-open throttle. This is the result of many hours work in the acoustics lab and on the road, tweaking the configuration of the new Hirsch Performance polished stainless steel dual sports exhaust for the 9-3 with four cylinder engine.

By making a carefully flow-optimised design of all pipes, bends and muffler components, the exhaust back pressure could be slightly reduced compared to the standard exhaust system.

Sound design
The asymmetric rear silencer design helped us to achieve our target to create a rich and very characteristic sound during full throttle acceleration, while retaining a pleasant sound level during partial load.

Premium design
The entire exhaust system is made out of stainless steel to ensure maximum longevity and reliability. The tailpipes are polished, chromed and embossed with the Hirsch Performance logotype. Optical enhancement of the whole car through the combination of double pipe and Aero rear skirt.

Easy fitting
The system is delivered with all necessary mounting parts.

The system should be available from November 2006. There’s no word on price in the press release and at this point I’d have to assume that it’s only going to be available in countries where Hirsch products are already sold (US and Aust miss out!!).

The exhaust kit comes complete with everything needed, including the all-important Aero rear spoiler with the cutouts in place for the dual pipes. It’s primed and ready for painting.

Here’s some pictures of the system.





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  1. Great work, Hirsch.
    But I would never spend money to buy something like this. šŸ™‚
    I want to keep my car as silent as possible.
    The best thing is to quitely overtake a roaring Bimmer or whatever… šŸ™‚

  2. Jase,

    My correspondence with Manfred from hirsch last night indicated that one shouldn’t hold one’s breath….

    Iā€™m in discussion with ….. Saab Australia but to be honest I believe there is no focus on that issue from their side.

    His words exactly.

    I don’t know if it’s possible to correspond with them directly and order it for yourself, but maybe it’s worth a try if you’re interested.

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