New Mega Saab Search

I’ve enabled a new Saab-focused search using a service by Google called Co-op. Basically, the search engine is focused on a number of nominated Saab sites only, filtering the results you’ll receive and hopefully increasing their relevance.

Upon inception, the search engine was set up to provide results from the following Saab websites:

Trollhattan Saab
Saab Videos
Saab Central
The Saab Museum
The Saab Network

IMPORTANT – This is a Saab community search page. So, If you’ve got some other sites that you think should be included in the sites Google searches for this facility, you can nominate them using this homepage. Just add the Saab-related URL in the designated spot and voila!! please the keep the sites Saab related though as we want the search engine to be as useful as possible.

The search box is below – feel free to give it a try.

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  1. Nice to see the broader approach for T-Saab coming out into daylight. As we have coavered here before, there is so much scope in new media forms for you to not just survive but thrive. Who needs a GM-run piece of corporate spin when you’ve got Swade calling it has he sees it from Tassie? Editoral independence all included as part of the package.

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