Oops! Jalopnik gets it wrong on the 9-3

The news about the 9-3 re-skin took a day or so to get around, but once Edmunds published the story it started to take off. Most of the sites out there simply re-worded the Edmunds story and were therefore pretty accurate. One site got it wrong though. Big time wrong.


Now, those of you that have visited this site over the last week know that I’ve posted a number of rumourmill stories this week, culminating in the final conclusion about the 2008 Saab 9-3 being unveiled in June 2007, with design cues based on the Aero-X and the addition of an All Wheel Drive option.

There were three rumourmill stories and a final summary story to tie it all together. After the summary story I posted an entry giving a look back at the 9-3x as it was the last Saab 9-3 concept to feature an AWD drivetrain.

Jalopnik have based their 9-3 re-skin story, lock stock and barrel, around this 9-3x posting instead of scrolling down a little further and reading the full rumourmill history and summary articles.

According to the T-Hats, the Saab 9-3 will get a major facelift and an all-wheel-drive option for 2008, though will remain on GM’s global midsize (Epsilon) platform. Design elements from the company’s 2002 9-3x Concept (pictured) could see their way into the new niner, which they say will be unveiled in June 2007 in Sweden.

Ah, no. I said nothing about the 9-3x, Los Jalopniks. But it doesn’t stop here….

Jalopnik do a daily audio post, which they call a precast. It’s done in conjunction with my old sparring partner Robert “Fancy Pants” Farago from The Truth About Cars. In today’s 10-minute precast they discuss……you guessed it…..the re-skinned Saab 9-3, and yes they discuss it in the context of Jalopnik’s misinformed story, with a photo they’ve pulled out of nowhere and therefore get it totally wrong.

What’s more Farago describes the whole thing as “pure conjecture” and refers to me as a totally parochial goose blind to any of GM’s deficiencies (my words, not his).


Jalopnik and Farago…..

You have messed this one up, made some fun at my expense and embarassed youselves in the process. I demand satisfaction! I’d like a right of reply if you don’t mind….and a conference call via Skype to record the next Jalopnik precast would be just the right way to do it.

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  1. Not smug, Eggs. Disappointed and a little pissed off.

    Have you listened to the pre-cast on Jalopnik? Farago’s incredibly dismissive of the story (incorrect as it is), this site and the brand in general.

    And the kicker is that the whole thing is based on wrong information. I just want a chance to set it straight.

  2. I just listened to the precast, and all I heard was a couple of cynical snobs making fun of what they don’t understand. They even ridicule the use of the numbers 3 and 5 (as in 9-3 and 9-5) because BMW apparently owns the numbers. To me, the numbers relate to size, as I think they are meant to. Others, like Mercedes use similar numbering. Totally sickening.
    You’re right swade, they’ve just embarassed themselves, but they’ll never figure that out.

  3. Hey, these guys seem to have gotten it right, with due credit to Trollhattansaab (no link though, but Edmunds didn’t get one either).

  4. Well these sort of news tend to have similar style to change as in kids “whisper to next one” play.

    Also everyone can make their own news page, no press education is needed.
    Between sites like these there are no protocols.

    Understanding uncertain future models requires quite a lot awareness of that area, specialization.

    Its very easy to put up a site where yuo just copy paste official news material or stuff from other amateur sites. But its wholly different ball game to do anything else, like analyzing.

    Swade you better use “for dummies” format in some Saab news, as dummies read them. This is not ‘from core fanatic to another’ site anymore.

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