Pollhattan Results: The 9-7x

I posted a poll yesterday on the 9-7x and the result was a pleasant surprise.


Now, most car companies would want 100% positivity for all their vehicles and I’m sure Saab’s no exception. The 9-7x, however, has been a very contentious vehicle from day 1.

I was expecting something in the order of 55/45 but a two-thirds majority is pretty good, really. Even better, the comments people entered were quite positive as well. Normally, the people that bother to voice their opinions are the ones that have a complaint.

Not so in this case. The comments on the poll itself were mostly positive too, as follows:

My last 7 cars are SAABs now a 9-5 Aero SportsCombi and I am really keen on a 9-7X. Unfortunately I live in the Netherlands and to the price of 70K euro I find it a little bit too much.


It has generated some $$$ for SAAB. However, I would still like to see a pure SAAB SUV. Something ready to take on the Range Rover Sport with its supercharger and the BMW X5…

Saab is bleeding. While it may not be the traditional Saab, is a truck/suv traditional to BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Cadillac, etc. I glad these “purists” don’t run Saab; it would be a collectors brand.

They should have given it a turbo diesel and SAHRs

It’s not ideal, but all reviews say it’s the best version of the platform

a very good looking car, i’d have one if i could. dont kill it.

sport utilities in one form or another will be part of everyones product plans. If the present 97X is a start for Saab to create marketshare and the next design gets Saab to where they really want to be…then it is a great move!

Design should be redone partially, and biopower or other fuel-alternatives would do good (and drop these dark tinted back windows.)

It will be better if 9-5 will be 4AWD


people buy SUVs

I actually own one.

In the US, customers were leaving SAAB for other brands who makes SUV’s. Like it or not, the US market is big for SAAB and continued poor sales could have meant its demise. Incidentally, the 9-7 sits almost 3 inch lower than its AWD sibling, the Rainer, The 9-7x has undergone suspension tuning by the Swedes.

Great summary, Swade. 100% agree.

If I was looking for an SUV, I would buy the 9-7x

Those were the comments attached directly to the poll.

Here on the blog, the comments section also had the following:

I have owned one for over six months and 10,000 miles. My last two cars were a 9-5 and a 9-3. I needed more room and AWD, but wanted a Saab.

The 9-7 has proven to be a good road car, much better than I thought it would be.

A true Saab SUV would be a better option, but this one wins over everyone who rides in it. It’s not 100% Saab, but the part that is keeps reminding me it’s there.

As far as I know, that’s the first comment I’ve had about the 9-7x from a 9-7x owner. Welcome Ray, and if you’ve got a great photo of your 9-7x then I’ll be more than happy to use it as a Saab O The Week photo.

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  1. You like the 97: There’s a suprise.

    Fact is, that if GM are going to make badge engineered Saabs, they run the risk of doing what British Leylnad did in the 1970s era of badge engineering – Joe Public gets confused and abandons his marque loyalty – whilst the cars merge into one amorphous blur.

    Saab 97x- you might like it but it’s not a Saab is it…

    Yet that little Saabaru estate was really quite good and that was badge engineering gone berserk.

    I still reckon the 97 was/is the thin end of an accountants wedge. Great for bottom line short term, bad for design purity.

    A mate of mine had just abandoned Saab after 30 years and several Saabs. Why? Lack of design he says. He has bought a Subaru legacy Spec B Estate. Apart from the fact it drinks petrol like an addict, he reckons its ‘pure’ design- a genetic Subaru – just like a genetic Merc or Beemer or Volvo.

    He thinks Saabs are now genetically modified and that the Subaru is organic.

    I might agree.

    You could apply the same to the 97x game: Its a Chevy Blazer surely..

  2. Well, what is “lack of design” anyway? Isn’t it just about personal taste at the moment?

    Look at Volvo. Ten years ago they where like boxes on wheels. Now they are sleek, curved and they sell more. So what is genetic Volvo design?

    Saab is selling more then ever these days, so they are doing something right. They could have gone on building “genetic” Saab (whatever that is – seems there are as many opinions about this that there are Saab fans), but then again the brand may not even exist today if they did…

  3. “Genetic Volvo design” is including in the new designs (even the Ford floorpan based ones) the styling and design cues of Volvos from the past -the essential design motifs that make a Volvo a Volvo- “shoulders” on the door and wing line, a deep grill, and a certain stance -even if teh 1970s box shapes have gone- and remember Volvos from the 1960s were curved- all curved.

    Likewise see how BMWs have a kinked rear three quarter window to this day-and that grille “face”.

    Saab has abandoned the look of lineage. Saab design was never a fashion response – as I said in my Saab book: until the 97x and the new 93 that is.

    Thats why Saab’s genetic design purity is the vital ingredient polluted at Saab’s peril!

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